Question of the day (3rd March).

What was the last thing someone said that made you angry?

My answer:

My Mum said something that made me quite angry, well okay not angry but rather frustrated anyway. I was recently telling you about my dilemmas with the occupational medicine doctor, and how he doesn’t understand how different types of benefits work in our country, and doesn’t understand that despite being on benefits, I am still able to do the work that I do, and is scared that when he’ll confirm that, someone’s going to kill him or whatever, so instead of educating himself on the topic, through his colleagues or online or I don’t know how else, he sends me and my medical documentation back and forth between different places and wants to have an official explanation just for himself of something that’s stated on my disability benefits claim that’s clear to everyone else in the field and everyone involved, and just keeps making quite a bit of fuss and problem. So, to fill you in on the recent developments, he sent my documentation to the Occupational Medicine Centre, and asked them to explain whether I am able to work or not, interpret that statement on the claim, have a consultation with me or something, despite it’s not their competence at all. A couple days ago, they sent a letter to me, and to him, saying exactly that, that it’s not their competence to make such clarifications and that they don’t really understand what he wants from them, like what’s unclear. 😀 My Mum said that this will probably be very embarrassing to receive something like this and have his own incompetence pointed out in such a way, and today she went to see him about that, without me this time as she was going out anyway and he was not going to make any more check-ups or tests for me so it would be rather pointless if I went. Mum was sure that now that things are clear, that the OM Centre can’t do what he wants from them, and that the situation is clear to everyone except him, his eyes will finally open, and he will write that, from his – that is only OM – point of view, I am able to continue to work, and won’t be so scared of that as if he was doing some kind of crime or whatever. But, sadly, dr Jacek is too much of a chicken. He wants to continue the saga and write an appeal letter to them. When Mum told me that, I just couldn’t believe it for a while! I just wish he educated himself on different kinds of benefits and stuff, actually it feels puzzling how someone like this could get into occupational medicine. I guess he only knows how to deal with the most typical cases, but when things like disability are involved his brain can’t cope. I was thinking that if he’ll make further trouble, I’ll just change OM doctors, but it actually seems like a lot of ordeal in itself, with transfering my medical documentation from there to some other place. I guess I’ll just have to deal with it and hope it will end soon and things will be back to normal.

How about you?

7 thoughts on “Question of the day (3rd March).”

  1. When my stepmonster told me to clean up my messy yard because it makes HER look bad.

    I don’t rent from them. The landlord’s never complained. They don’t help is financially. But MY messy yard cos of a couple of stray paper plates makes HER look bad.

    I saw red on that one.

    They just can’t mind their own business and it’s maddening.

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  2. You’ve got to be kidding. Oh my goodness! I think it could be very much worth the effort to find a new doctor. If I were you, I would. That’s just mind-boggling!! Keep us posted!!

    Hmm… the last thing someone said that made me angry was my dad last night, while I was eating doughnuts and a pint of ice cream. Fortunately, I just now discussed it with him, and he apologized, and he said he’d thought I’d want him to monitor my diet and hold me accountable. I explained that if I’ve been feeling sick-as-heck for four hours, then I’m simply going to lose the ability to stick to the diet; but that overall it’s working quite well, and here I am, back on it today with no further issues. YAY!

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    1. Yeah, the thing keeps driving me insane so actually today I was looking for a new OM doctor in the area. I have to do a bit of research to make sure I don’t get into a similar trouble again but I’m now inclined to seriously change doctors.
      I’m glad your dad apologised for that and that you talked it through, and great that you’re back on your diet. 🙂

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