Question of the day.

If you had to name your child after a city, what would you name them? Boy AND girl.

My answer:

Well. I guess that depends… because in Poland we don’t really have the tradition of using geographic names as human first names, and for a long time, when we had official naming rules, it was actually not allowed, or at least somehow not correct from the linguistic point of view. We do have some names that are well-known as names and at the same time happen to be names of cities, but it’s not a thing really to name babies after places, even now when we no longer have that rule. I can’t really think of many Polish given names that would coincide with city names except for some very old Slavic names (like there’s a Polish town or city, I’m not sure what it qualifies as, anyway it’s called Wrocław, and there used to be an old Slavic name Wrocław as well) but those don’t really appeal to me. There also are names of foreign cities like Wiktoria, Adelajda, Konstancja and Florencja (though I’ve never seen Florencja in actual use, it’s rather Flora or Florentyna), or even Emilia as there’s Reggio Emilia in Italy, and I do like them though I’m not sure I like Konstancja and Adelajda enough to use them, and I think Wiktoria is too popular for me, and I wouldn’t call my child Emilia, first because it is my name and second because it’s popular for babies right now. So, if we are talking about Polish, I’m a bit clueless. Oh, I could use Filadelfia for a girl and call her Fila, but that would be really extravagant! 😀 Other than that I really can’t think of many city and people names in Polish.

I have more ideas if we’re talking about English names, assuming I lived in the English-speaking world or wanted to give my child a foreign name for some reason. For a boy, I think I’d go with Milan, just because I like this name and quite a lot. I also like Hamilton because I have nice associations with it, though the name itself is not very much my style and if I had any more children I’d probably have a hard time finding names that would fit with Hamilton and that I would like. But oh… wait, I’ve just got an idea! Isn’t there a city somewhere in the US that’s called Jackson? So yeah, I could happily go with that! I could have either two sons Hamilton and Jackson because I happen to like them both even though they aren’t exactly the kind of names I normally tend to like, or I could have one boy called Milan Jackson, but going by Jack, yay! I just feel like Milan Jackson goes better than Jackson Milan, what do you think? For girls, I could make whole city combos! I could happily use Sofia, Florence, Adelaide (which I like more than Adelajda), Victoria, Chelsea (though I’d rather use Chelsea as a middle), Laris(s)a. So, those are my ideas.

How about you? 🙂 It doesn’t have to be a lot of ideas, of course, can be just for one girl and one boy.

25 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

      1. As do I – in my case it’s because of a girl in Ruth Park’s CALLIE’s CASTLE. The protagonist is an introspective and reflective eldest of her family who wants a private place and she goes into a tower.

        Calanthe would be good as a full[er] name.

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    1. Awww Calanthe! I’m in love with Calanthe lately, I’ve always liked it but for some reason it has escalated recently haha. It’s a gorgeous name and Callie would be great as a nickname for it. Or for much more whimsical and out there but also beautiful Calanchoe.

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  1. Yeah, there are some Jackson cities somewhere in this country, I think!!

    Hmm…. I love Olympia (in Washington). That would be my girl name.

    For a boy? HA HA! I had a character in one of my flash fiction stories named Denver, remember? (If it’s already left your brain, don’t fret–my memory’s dreadful!) I thought he was a cool character!! So I’ll go with Denver.

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      1. I actually thought about Jacksonville first too but then I was like if there is a Jacksonville, maybe there is a Jackson, and from my rather quick and superficial research it seemed like there is at least one in Missisipi.

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  2. Leon/Lyon and something flowery.

    Hamilton and Milan are very cool.

    I do like Fila.

    Rhiannon is I think a Welsh place name or a name of a mythical.

    I will try to think of some Irish and Scottish names too.

    For those who are looking for American and Canadian names – Sabrina from London has a really cool blog. Look for Sabrina H and then The Canadian Boys and the American Boys. Most are named after states or provinces or sometimes towns and villages.

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    1. I think Fila is very sweet as a nickname and it could work for quite a bunch of interesting names that are used here, but used quite rarely nowadays.
      Rhiannon is a character in the Welsh Mabinogi and it’s also related to the Celtic name Rigantona, and there was a Celtic goddess of that name, though I haven’t heard of a place called Rhiannon in Wales.
      I will look up Sabrina’s blog, thanks for the info. 🙂

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