Question of the day.

Would you rather go on a holiday to…

a. Canada

b. Mexico

c. France

d. Italy

e. Spain

f. Switzerland

g. Thailand

h. Japan

My answer:

Hm… I’ve heard a lot that Switzerland is a nice country and also a nice place to live, so I think I’d choose it.

How about you? 🙂

Nina Kinert – “Beast”.

Hey guys! 🙂

This is my favourite song by this Swedish artist, also known just as Nina K. It was also the first song of her that I’ve heard years ago when I’ve started to listen more to Swedish pop music. I think I just like the way it sounds. It seemed to also be quite popular in some other European countries, but never over here.


Question of the day.

Hi people! 🙂

What is a single least favourite book, that you have finished reading anyways or was required to read?

My answer:

Hm, usually I don’t waste my time on reading books I don’t like and when I can’t get into it for a long time and it doesn’t look like I’m going to become interested in the plot line any time soon, or if something bothers me strongly, I just put it away. I find it a bit hilarious how some people wade through books they don’t like just because they’ve started something and have a sort of mental tradition that they must finish every book they have started no matter what. My Mum is like that, and I sometimes feel for her because I find it the worse when someone takes a long time to read one book like she does because she doesn’t have much time for reading, so instead of quickly starting something new and more interesting, she’s tormenting herself with one, boring book for months. I have to have a really sound reason and determination to read a book I don’t like, or have to feel very strongly forced, but, although I really enjoy reading books I like and read ALL the time, I even cheated with school compulsory readings quite frequently, because I didn’t like most of them. There certainly must be some books that I’ve read whole despite not enjoying them and not liking them at all, but currently I just can’t think of anything.

Oh, I was just going to publish this post when something did came to my mind, lol! That was the first (longer) book that I read whole despite not being interested in it one bit, and it was quite a hilarious and strange thing. When I was just starting school, I think I’d just learned to read fairly fluently and started to enjoy it thoroughly, I once went to the library to get brothers’ Grim Fairytales – my Mum read them to me countless times and made me love all sorts of fairytales and other folklore creations at a very early age as you may already know – because I finally wanted to read them myself and I was absolutely excited about it. I asked the librarian for it and was presented with an extremely, deliciously heavy book, and got back to my room and immediately started to read it. I was very surprised by its content, though, it wasn’t anything like what my Mum read to me. There was no Red Riding Hoods, Rapunzels and the like, but loads of strange, long words and names that were completely unfamiliar to me. I hadn’t read many actual books by then really, and was still learning to navigate them and the whole literary world, so I was thinking, perhaps it was some sort of an introduction, foreword… whatever, and kept on reading, there was no actual table of contents either as far as I remember and I was thinking maybe it was important to read it when reading the whole book, as it happens with some books. I actually don’t know why I kept on reading it so determinedly and diligently, it was completely unlike me, and why I didn’t realise that perhaps something was wrong with it that it’s so very off topic and didn’t notice anything, or at least try to skip the boring pages instead of reading it page after page, and I’ve read quite a fair bit of it I believe, even though I remember literally yawning at it and was growing more and more discouraged, so, I think it was quite silly. Even though I didn’t make the conclusion myself, which, as I said, I find weird a little, but maybe I was just too new to the literary world, someone finally helped me. A volunteer who was working in our boarding school group at the time once went up to me and asked what I was reading, and I told her that brothers Grimm, but it’s not really quite as interesting as I thought and doesn’t really remind me in any way of what my Mum used to read to me. She asked me if she could have a look, and then we were both surprised because the book I was reading was definitely no fairytales! I don’t know the English title of this book if it was translated to English, but it was by Vitus Dröscher and it was about animals, but not quite something that would be fitting for children of my age then. It was quite scientific and geeky and if I remember correctly, it was about some rules and behaviours that different animals have. And I was never an animal/nature geek very much, even when I read magazines for children and there was always a more or less extensive article on how different wild animals live, I usually was happy to skip it. So the mystery was finally resolved! 😀 They had to make a mistake at the library, probably based on the signature of the book or something. I really loved reading though, and it was what I usually did when I didn’t have anything more interesting to do or just in my free time, and I think I didn’t go with that book right away to the library but don’t remember why, perhaps it was the weekend, or perhaps I didn’t have an opportunity or anyone to go with me, or perhaps I was anxious of peopling with people I didn’t know very well, but I think I had that book with me for a while yet and am pretty sure that, even though it felt even more boring now that I knew what it was about and that there wasn’t going to be anything interesting further, I kept on reading it for a few more days when I had nothing better to do and wanted to read something. And since as I said I was a fairly fast reader, I think I may have read it whole, or if not whole, then at least the greater part of it. 😀

You? 🙂

Quintuple syllables

Mmmm! 😋 So many delicious names, don’t you think, guys? 🙂 So, which ones on this list do you like? 🙂
I love many of these, and like most of them actually especially the feminine ones, I find most of the masculine slightly clunky.
I love -bella names super girly and cute, so I find Adorabella adorable.
I prefer just Aurelia to Aureliana but Aureliana is cool too.
Candelaria is sweet and I love the Catholicky feel of it.
Eleonora is by far my most favourite variant of Eleanor, and Emanuela is gorgeous.
I am Emilia Anna and sometimes I sign myself Emilianna for fun, although in Polish phonetics that’s four syllables. I much prefer it with two n’s.
I have soft spot for Evangeline and Evangelina too, it’s even more frilly! 😀
Not crazy for Leokadia but I like that it becomes to feel vintage here while loses the dated & geriatric feel so should be fresh and ready for a comeback in a while in my view, just as all the Pelagias, Apolonias and other such. That could be an interesting change. I have two Leokadias in my family tree that I’m aware of. However in Polish phonetics that would actually be 4 syllables, not 5, as we pronounce it le-aw-KAH-dyah, the i is just kinda softening and doesn’t make its own syllable.
Michelangela and Michelangelo are so lovely, Michelangelo always makes me think of my Mum, and sometimes I call Misha Michelarcangelo because Russian blue cats come from Arkhangelsk and are sometimes called Archangelic.
Oliviana could be a nice twist on the overused Olivia.
Vitaliana and Viridiana both sound so fresh and make me think of spring.
Which ones do you like?

Onomastics Outside the Box

From the short and sweet to the long and flowery, here are some names with five syllables. Unsurprisingly, a great many of them are Italian.


Alexandria, Alexandrina
Anastasia, Anastasiya, Anastazia
Annunziata, Annunciata

Bonaventura (means “good fortune” in Italian)
Capitolina, Kapitolina

Elisabeta, Elisabetta, Elizabeta

Innocentia, Innokentiya
Iphigenia, Efigenia
Leokadia, Leocadia (one of my fave Polish names)

Octaviana, Oktaviana
Olympiada, Olimpiada
Paraskovia, Paraskoviya

Yekaterina, Ekaterina
Yelikonida, Elikonida



Niktopolion (rare Russian form of Latin Nicopolitanus [citizen of Nicopolis]; born by poet Niktopolion Svyatskiy, 1854–1917)
Pantaleone (means “all lion” in Greek)

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Misha: my purrfect birthday.

Hhrrru? to all pets and peeps! 😻

This is Misha! How are you doing? What has happened in your life recently? Have you had anything very yummy to eat? I haven’t posted here in ages! Technology is stupid sometimes. There won’t be a new episode of The Human Life of Misha Hhrrru? today, I’d just like to ramble a bit.

It was my birthday last week, on January 30. I’m four now. It’s like 32 in human years, but my peeps still treat me like a little baby. It’s both cool and annoying. Sometimes you’d like just to be taken seriously and not like you’re a total idiot who doesn’t understand normal language and everything must be explained to him, and sometimes it’s not even worth it to explain anything because he has water instead of brain so whatever you’ll say will leak out anyway. Sometimes I’d much prefer if they considered that maybe I am not just a charming little thing but that I can also think and they can talk to me normally even though I am smaller than them, and that I also have my own opinions on things. They are incredibly bossy because for them, you can only be considered smart or clever when you do what they want from you. If you don’t, they will think you don’t understand anything and are stupid. While I think it’s the other way around. You’re clever when you have enough free will to be able to do what you want to do yourself and come up with fun things you want to do. Even when someone tells you what to do, it is you who decides whether you will do it or not, how, and when. Jocky is much more clever in their opinion than I am, but I think he’s just brainwashed. I think they also think that I’m stupid and childish because I am so small. I would like to be bigger and fatter. I like being a Russian blue, but sometimes I think I’d like to be a Maine coon more! My peeps are crazy about Maine coons, so much so that I wondeer why they chose to have a small Russian blue cat rather thann a Maine coon. Maine coons are so big, I’m sure they must always be treated seriously by peeps and are always noticed when they want to be. I’d like to be so big. But there are advantages to being a little baby as well. Everyone cares for me and I have lots of beds where I can sleep when I feel sleepy, and everyone wants to make sure I feel well.

I’ve got lots of my favourite sauce on my birthday, and sausages too! Peeps say they stink, but I love their smell so much that I’d do anything for one!

I’ve always wanted to take part in some blog challenges or prompts or other such things, like some other pets in the blogosphere do, but Mila never let me. Well, today, finally I can do that because it was my birthday! Funnily, right on the day of my birthday, Carol Anne of

Therapy Bits

posted a question in her series Carol Anne asks that seemed especially for me.

What’s your ideal way to celebrate your birthday?

My purrfect birthday! That got me thinking!

First, I’d like to go out. Even for a minute, but to go out on my own, not on the leash but just on my own. I’d like some snow, so that I could look at it and maybe roll in it a little but not too much of it so it wouldn’t feel too cold on my paws. My immune system is very weak because I can never go out so then when I do and it’s cold I am sneezing all day so I wouldn’t like it to be too cold. Just so that it would look very pleasant. I’d like to be able to hunt something, maybe a seagull, so that my people would finally believe that I can think and take care of myself if need be. And I hate seagulls because they used to laugh at me and they always look at me in such an awful way when they see me like they wanted to eat me whole. But I wouldn’t like it to be unsafe out there. Peeps say it’s unsafe outside and that there are a lot of animals who can eat you or tear your fur into little shreds or someone could steal me or I could get lost. I wouldn’t like that. I would like to be able to go out and then come back home safely after a while so they could see I’m not that stupid and can come back home and wouldn’t let anyone to steal me or eat me.

Then, I’d like to have a very big breakfast, perhaps a chicken breast in herbs or a huge piece of salmon and a little bit of whipped cream for a dessert.

I’d like to get only food or natural toys for presents – Mish ice-cream, sausages, other snacks like that, leaves, feathers, cones, anything that smells good and is nice to roll around and bite, I would also like some rubber bands or glassballs to catch and play football with, and things like that. –

I’d like to be treated like an adult Misha who has his own mind and opinions on things and eat my meals on the kitchen worktop. I’d like to have lots of different places arranged for my nap time and not be disturbed by anyone while napping. I’d like all of those places to be filled with comfy furs or other smooth fabrics on which it is pleasant to sleep, like fox fur for example, or something very soft like that.

For lunch, I could eat a pork chop and have Mish ice-cream for dessert, and then go play with Zofijka for a while. Then I’d go outside for a little walk again to see what’s around our house, I think it’s very interesting, it’s always been very interesting for me, I’d like to see all those animals that I can hear at night. I would taste what water from the river tastes like and if it’s better or worse than bathtub water with shampoo and soap.

I would be able to look at everything in our house and touch everything, and I would like to be able to bite flowers and drink water from them and smell them because I love it and no one would care if I knocked a pot accidentally. I could be invisible when I’d need it or become bigger than I am if need be so that everyone would see me well and no one would step on me or kick me. Doors would be open everywhere all day long so I could go in and out as I wanted, or they would open immediately when I would say Hhrrru? In this house one must wait so long for the peeps to open any door, even if you hhrrru? your lungs out!

I would eat my cat food for dinner but as much as I’d like and then have 10 sausages. During the day, people would only touch me when I would want it.

So that’s my purrfect birthday plan. Hope that I’ll be able to make it come true one year. 🙂

What would be your purrfect birthday? What would you have to eat? 🙂


Misha 💜 💚 💙

Question of the day.

Hi people. 🙂

Finally, let’s play around with some questions of the day. The one I have for you today is:

Do you have any interests that people find weird, gross, or creepy, like crime, serial killers, drugs, anatomy etc.?

My answer:

Well yeah, I’ve written on that many times that people find a lot of my interests weird or at least very quirky, which I don’t mind particularly if at all. Some find my interest in language(s) weird, I believe being interested in language or some specific languages isn’t particularly uncommon but being into minority/indigenous languages or Celtic languages seems to be super quirky in my surroundings opinion, as well as my interest in linguistics in general. Also people usually find my interest in names a bit weird, like, what’s so interesting about names? They’re just names. People don’t get that there’s a fair bit of psychology, sociology and, quite obviously, language, in them, and observing baby naming trends around the world and throughout decades can show you some intriguing things about the human race. My fazas/crushes are definitely a weird thing for most people I know well enough to talk about it with.

Gross or creepy? Some people seem badly disgusted by brain, and I’m very much into brain, so I guess it could count for some.

How about you? 🙂

One-syllable names

Even though I am closer to be the kind of person who is more likely to gravitate towards Anastasias, Fiammettas, Leonardos, Zachariahs and the like, I think some of the one-syllable names are really endearing, and, after all, my most favourite male name ever – Jack – belongs to this category, hence I thought I’d share this post of Carrie-Anne’s with you guys.
Which one-syllable names are your favourite?
My most favourite of this list – except for Jac(k) that I’ve mentioned – are: Rhys (I prefer this spelling over Reese for both genders) Anne, Belle, Luz, Lyn(n(e)), Nell, Peace, Cliff, Finn, Flynn, John, Luke and Myles.

Onomastics Outside the Box

While some people gravitate towards long, flowery, ornate, multisyllabic names like Anastasia, Fiammetta, Leonardo, and Zachariah, others have a naming style which favours short, simple, and to the point. Towards that end, here are some names which fit the bill.

For the sake of relative brevity, I won’t be including Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese names. One-syllable names are the overwhelming rule in those languages, whereas they’re fairly less common in Indo–European languages.


Blake (I know this is traditionally male, but I was introduced to it through a female character on Guiding Light)
Shai, Shay (means “gift” in Hebrew and completely separate from the male Irish name Shea/Shay)


Bree, Brie
Bryn, Brynn

Gayle, Gail
Iynx (INKS), an obscure Greek love goddess. The English forms are…

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