Question of the day (7th February).

Hiya people! 🙂

Sorry for the delay with this one, I was down with a migraine yesterday and couldn’t post.

Would you rather go camping or stay in a hotel?

My answer:

I’d stay home haha. But seriously, if I was travelling, I’d definitely go for a hotel. Camping is not my thing whatsoever, I believe it’s one of those things you either love or hate and I’m in the latter category. Travelling can be fun, but it’s also quite a bit stressful for me especially going somewhere further and for longer, and it’s always nicer when you can sleep in a more comfy place.

What would you go for? 🙂

8 thoughts on “Question of the day (7th February).”

  1. Hotel. I’m too old to sleep on the ground or in a shaky cot in a sleeping bag any longer. But I do love (dearly) the smell and sight of nature, so my answer should more appropriately be “glamping” – a combination of hotel and camping! Hope your headache is manageable now. I’m sorry to hear you get those horrid migraines!

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  2. Ha ha ha. I couldn’t assemble a children’s playtent. I can’t sit outside during summer more than ten minutes before I am broken out in swollen bug bites and all the grass and leaves have my nose running.
    I’m a hotel person, though I haven’t stayed in one since um, 2008.
    I liked even the cheapie motels but $59 a night? Even if I weren’t broke, I’d balk at that. My rent for an entire month is only $400 and that’s not subsidized, that is just what the landlord charges.
    Hope he doesn’t realize he could be charging me $59 per day as opposed to a hundred bucks for 7 days. 😛

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