Question of the day.

Hi people. πŸ™‚

Finally, let’s play around with some questions of the day. The one I have for you today is:

Do you have any interests that people find weird, gross, or creepy, like crime, serial killers, drugs, anatomy etc.?

My answer:

Well yeah, I’ve written on that many times that people find a lot of my interests weird or at least very quirky, which I don’t mind particularly if at all. Some find my interest in language(s) weird, I believe being interested in language or some specific languages isn’t particularly uncommon but being into minority/indigenous languages or Celtic languages seems to be super quirky in my surroundings opinion, as well as my interest in linguistics in general. Also people usually find my interest in names a bit weird, like, what’s so interesting about names? They’re just names. People don’t get that there’s a fair bit of psychology, sociology and, quite obviously, language, in them, and observing baby naming trends around the world and throughout decades can show you some intriguing things about the human race. My fazas/crushes are definitely a weird thing for most people I know well enough to talk about it with.

Gross or creepy? Some people seem badly disgusted by brain, and I’m very much into brain, so I guess it could count for some.

How about you? πŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

    1. Yeah medical things I find fascinating too, though reading very much in depth about some things would feel too gross or creepy to me. I used to avidly read books on neurosurgery in my late teens which I was scanning, they had quite a lot of illustrations and any time my Mum looked at them she was absolutely abhorred and disgusted which I found quite amusing.

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  1. Weird, yeah. I’m interested in calendars and timekeeping. Not as obsessed with it as I used to be in my early to mid-teens, but you can get me really uncomfortable if you make a calendar calculation mistake, particularly if it’s on purpose (which my husband likes To do). I’m also fascinated by names, though I used to love to collect them before being genuinely interested in their origin. I’m also very much into anything medical indeed.

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    1. Calendars and time-keeping – that’s interesting. – In a way time is a difficult thing for me, as I’ve always struggled with numbers and related stuff, but as a kid I used to remember all the name days in the Polish calendar which people found weird. It wasn’t that I memorised them on purpose though, happened rather accidentally and I no longer remember all that, but it sort of helped me with things like dates and remembering them. πŸ˜€
      Collecting names even without digging in etymology is very fun.

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  2. People have always found it weird that I keep notebooks and posties with unique names I find-TV credits, books, phone books, newspapers,etc.
    And oddly they find my digital library of Forensic Files, Cold Case Files, New Detectives, City Confidential and various other serial killer based shows and books creepy
    It’s the psychology for me. Lots of people grow up in awful homes, abused, twisted, mentally disordered, but the serial killers are usually the ‘nice guy next door’ who attended church and was a pillar of the community.
    THAT is what fascinates me. Why some of us go through hellish things but don’t become serial killers yet others get advantages and yet they’ve got boy giblets in the freezer.
    Spook asked if I watched the stuff cos I am pro-serial killer and I told her, no, I am pro when the cops find the bad guy and put his ass in jail.
    As for the people who think my Halloween year round decor is weird, they don’t even appear on the screen as a blip. Personally, I find people who collect cherubs and Precious Moments figurines creepy, to each their own. πŸ˜‰

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    1. Yes, it’s indeed interesting to observe what factors make people serial killers and how their brains work.
      As for names, I used to look for unique names like that when I was younger, for example on cemeteries, or also in phone books and such, these days I love to read birth announcements from wherever possible.


  3. I share your interest in names, because I love the connotations names bring! I also love how names come and go, and new ones come. And I admire your interest in languages, although I sure don’t share it! My brain just can’t do languages. Some of it’s my hearing issues, and some of it’s my difficulty with memorization.

    Hmm…. I think I have some obscure interests, but none that are weird per se. I love figure skating, both watching it and skating myself (although I’m not that great at it, but I can do it for exercise purposes). And woodworking which, like figure skating, involves blades. πŸ˜€ Go figure. And I watch the Olympics religiously, every night in prime time for five hours or so. I’m a total Olympics freak. And I’m interested in how supplements can help with health issues. I love learning about new supplements.

    I mean, as far as weird or gruesome goes, I love watching 48 Hours Mystery. They tell a story about a murder and interview witnesses and suspects, and it really draws me in. Each episode is hit or miss with me, but the good episodes make it worthwhile for sure. I love how it challenges my mind psychologically to figure out if he/she is guilty or innocent, especially with an ambiguous set of circumstances. Fun question!!

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  4. I’m too old to really do it, but for many years I thought it would be grand to construct a tree museum. It would be outdoors of course and would have as many different mature trees as I could get to grow in a given climate and visitors could tour and read about the varieties. I grew up loving trees but it doesn’t really make sense to try to build a museum for them.

    But – as a child, some of them were great for things like wild games of tag or high flying games possible only because of some attribute of the tree type. I have two favorite stories about this if interested. Can you see a group of boys doing things like this?


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