Jinxed it! Another blogging/Internet hiatus.

Hi people! πŸ™‚
I’m really sorry to say that, but things are shitty again. Writing this from the Braille-Sense. I guess I was too quick in saying that my hiatus is over, it seems like it may take a while yet.
I really don’t know for sure what exactly happened or why but I must be some genius in destroying hard drives in no time I guess, maybe I could make some money with this unique ability, I suppose it’s the drive not working, well, Olek does, I have no freaking idea. Won’t be getting into details since that doesn’t matter here anyway and I’m fed up with tech stuff but my computer was perfectly fine in the morning, to completely stop working in like two hours time. Things started crashing big time and finally it just switched off and there’s no way you can get it going again for longer than 30 seconds. Olek was trying to help but couldn’t figure it out and I suppose it requires someone more knowledgeable. I’ve been really stressed out by all that computer chaos going on for over half a year and now I feel massively frustrated and like there is some major emotional overload pending, it’s extremely mentally exhausting.

13 thoughts on “Jinxed it! Another blogging/Internet hiatus.”

  1. Oh no!! Oh, God bless. Now, you listen to Meg and don’t even think about chewing on your fingernails. It’s not allowed!! Uh… maybe you can wear gloves until your tech issues are resolved!! Hang in there!!

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    1. Yeah I am trying not to chew or bite or pick them. Gloves are not really a doable option as I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of stuff with them on being blind, but I’ve cut one finger off a rubber glove and put my bad finger into it and put some rivanol on it.

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    1. Thanks. πŸ™‚ I’ve got in touch with some tech people and now it seems it’s more of a system error than drive issue. I asked a technician in my area if he could fix it and he’ll be here on Monday and maybe will do something, though that was really weird.

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  2. Thinking of you Emilia.

    Wishing you a good Sylwester regardless.

    Hope Olek is okay. Zofia and Mischa and of course your Mum and Dad. and grandparents and cousins. #tistheseasonforfamily

    Was able to fix my Dreamy Fish [iPad] so it can take photos again after a fortnight of its not being able to. Took the whole Christmas season and the week before that. All I would get was the camera button being stuck.

    Then I realised I needed to restore settings to the last clean lot. And I did that on the Mac. I was afraid I would have to delete EVERYTHING from 2011 to the present. No, I was not having that.

    Idea: twist things around your fingers if they like feeling confined/highlighted/exposed?

    And yours truly found a big foreign language bookshop.

    BLERRGH! System errors!

    Most drives are well-behaved and automatic these days.

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    1. Thanks. πŸ™‚ We’re all doing OK, and gonna have a rather calm, family-oriented Sylwester with some movies and popcorn and stuff. Our cousin came for a sleepover to Zofijka. Olek had a septumm surgery some weeks ago but he’s much better now. My finger is almost healed now too from the infection I’ve had.
      Ahhh no, that would be really awful if you lost all the pics since so many years ago, so I’m glad you managed to fix it without that happening.
      A foreign language bookshop… mmmm yummy! For the brain of course. We have a small one in the area but I haven’t been there in ages, as I hate scanning physical books and avoid having to do it, and if I went to such a place I would very likely end up buying something and having a lot to scan if I wanted to actually read it. πŸ˜€
      Yeah, that’s what I’d think too, about drives, so it was the more astonishing. I despise system errors.

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      1. I imagine your brain would be delighting.

        Ah! something like 150-300 pages.

        In the last months I have scanned simple things – as graphics and not used Optical Character Recognition.

        Good to know Olek is much better and your finger also.

        Movies and popcorn – that makes me happy.

        Spent time watching LITTLE WOMEN and walking in a park and eating outdoors in a public house.

        Then I listened to Polish scouting songs and sea shanties when I had tired of the former. And I finished three chapters of my storybook THE DROVER’S WIFE by Leah Purcell which is an Indigenous retelling of the Lawson short story.

        Hoping to read NOTRE DAME DE PARIS beyond the introduction.

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