Question of the day.

What is the oddest thing you’ve heard of someone eating for Christmas?

My answer:

I’m quite familiar with many things people eat for Christmas in different countries as well as different regions of Poland but many feel a bit odd to me. My most recent odd discovery was that people – my family to be exact! – eat fruit soup for Christmas! Or rather Christmas Eve since it’s on Christmas Eve that we have a big Christmas meal here in Poland. Fruit soup has never been a tradition in our family, the only few times I’ve had it was at other people’s, but it seems like my extended family have embraced it. I’ve never heard of it being a Christmas dish! Dried fruit kompot – yes – but fruit soup was absolutely a novelty to me, I’ve always associated it more with summer since it’s a cooler soup. My Mum actually hates fruit soup, I have nothing against it although I do think it is a bit weird.

What’s such oddest thing in your opinion? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. My Hungarian friend’s mom makes a traditional soup (fish, I think) each Christmas. He says that none of them in the family actually like it, but because it’s traditional they eat it anyway. I’ve tried some of his mom’s cherry soup, which he likes but I think is disgusting. Fruit does not belong in soup,

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    1. Exactly! 😀 And yeah, I know many such people and families too who eat things for Christmas just because they’re traditional so it would feel odd to skip them, or even don’t eat some foods all year but only in Christmas time because they’re a Christmas tradition. I find that so very rigid.

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  2. You need to tell me, what kind of fruit soup? The one with the cherries, the cold or hot one? That is sooo good!! We ate borsch (don’t know how to write it) the red beet soup and then the fish in gelatine (bwek) and then a lot of pastries!! Pïes all the way. Now we eat mostly a cheese dish but I don’t eat cheese, so I get a surprise. At work a patient made some fishsticks with puree for christmas eve. It was made with love and therefore very tasty!

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    1. I know that they eat it cold, with dried fruit, but I’m not sure which ones, I guess they’re various kinds of fruit.
      Borsch is yummy, and especially the way they make it for Christmas Eve. I’ve seen it spelt as borsch and borscht in English so I guess both are right, we clal it barszcz in Polish.
      Fish in gelatin is yuck indeed.

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