Question of the day (21st November).

What is your favourite Christmas dish? Your least favourite?

My answer:

My most favourite are definitely pierogi with cabbage and mushrooms, especially the way my Mum makes them, with fresh cabbage. For me there’s no Christmas without pierogi, and the same for my siblings. Mum has actually already started making them today, very early as for her. My least favourite would be probably some fish. I find carp a very overrated Polish Christmas dish, but I guess herring (no matter how its served) is even worse.

What are yours? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Question of the day (21st November).”

    1. Actually they do, when I think of it, but they taste much better than they sound. 😀 As long as you like mushrooms, but Zofijka hates mushrooms and she loves the pierogi so I guess that’s not a rule either.
      I in turn am not a fan at all of anything pumpkin-flavoured or made of pumpkin, haha.

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