Question of the day (17th November).

What is the weather like where you live? When does it usually start snowing, or does it snow?

My answer:

Overall, we are having a very mild and warm autumn this year compared to the standard. Actually I’ve heard that October this year was the warmest October since… no, I don’t remember since when, but I guess the 70’s. Nevertheless, today feels rather chilly. We haven’t had snow so far, although often we have some transient snow even at the beginning of November. For now there’s no sign of it, I think we’ll wait a few more weeks before it comes but perhaps I’m wrong and it’ll be sooner.

How about where you live? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Question of the day (17th November).”

  1. Well, we get a handful of mild to moderate snowfalls each winter, with an occasional major one. Sometimes it hardly snows at all. My dad’s a weather freak, and he’s always taken with upcoming snow prophecies. We’ve already had some this year, which was very unusual. A white Christmas isn’t impossible, and I’ve seen it several times. A few years ago on Christmas, it was foggy and mysterious, which felt magical.

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  2. Here on the Canadian west coast (aka wet coast), it doesn’t snow much during the winter, although we’ve had more snow than usual the past few years. Mostly the temperature stays above freezing and it rains most days.

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