Question of the day.

What’s a random fun fact on your mind?

My answer:

Dairy creates loads of mucus. Like, LOADS! You shouldn’t eat dairy, and do NOT ever, ever drink milk! Milk makes for lots of yucky mucus and gives you weird rashes and dry skin and what not. Milk is evil! That’s my Mum’s favourite topic today. She has the same problem as I do, only far more severe, and while I’ve always had it for my Mum it started a few years ago. Namely she gets what they say is supposed to be episodic asthma and then it develops into bronchitis. The thing is that for her it’s like she is coughing all the time, it’s really unpleasant to have to hear it when you’re capable of feeling some basic empathy. It’s started for her in late September and I have an impression that this year it’s worse than ever. And nothing works. Antibiotics, inhalers, weird aloe mixtures that she used to take. So she did some research and decided to try diet, especially that she doesn’t really have anything to lose and has a lot of dietary sensitivities and intolerances and all that already. And she can’t eat dairy, bananas and loads of other things. It seems like most normal things. And yeah, her favourite topic today is that dairy is evil. At least I hope that not eating it will help indeed. On the upside, my own gunky airways are doing much better and aren’t quite as gunky anymore, so I might even consider going horse riding next week, though my leg is still badly sore so I’m afraid that won’t be very sensible, but I just want to go riding. So we’ll see.

Your turn. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. EWWWW!!! Dairy is so gross, yuckers! Okay, random fact, I used to enjoy drinking milk and eating square cheese, when I was very young. Then, one day, the old wooden carriage house in our backyard was set aflame by a drunk arsonist. I was around six years old. I was terrified watching it burn, thinking, what if he’d decided to set our house on fire instead of our outbuilding? And when I made myself some cereal that morning, for whatever reason, I didn’t put milk on my Grape Nuts; and I never ate or drank dairy after that (not counting pizza and ice cream).

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    1. I love cereal with milk, and I used to eat it every day for breakfast as well, at least until I went to school and then whenever I was at home (perhaps that’s why I get so phlegmy hahaha). I still like it for breakfast a lot but not as very often.

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