Song of the day (29th October) – Marthe Wang – “Til Deg” (For You).

Hi guys! 🙂

DOes anyone of you remember one of my recent song of the day posts where I shared with you a song by Mari Boine, about the media in Sami language (Hey, MR. Almighty, Down There In Oslo) and the story of how I came to understand it, despite it’s in Norwegian – a language that I theoretically don’t know? – Here is another such song. It’s much easier in terms of topic than Mari Boine’s, but still, I am usually crap at understanding those guttural Norwegian accents as marthe Wang’s (who is from Bergen). But for some reason I was interested in what this song could be about and, just as in the previous case, one day I started to listen to it and realised that now I do understand it, apart from a few expressions. Moreover, today I’ve made a translation for you, looking at the original Norwegian lyrics, have looked up some words, and now I know ALL the lyrics of this song, yay me!!! Learning Swedish can be really so useful.

Marthe Wang is an artist I like, which surprises me a little bit, because generally she’s quite jazzy. Not very jazzy, but if you are not a big fan of jazz, as is the case with me, it can bother you at times. In her music, it doesn’t bother me at all. I think her music sounds really nice, and I like the sound of her voice very much. And there is something about many of her lyrics. Marthe Wang is the cousin of another jazz musician and basist – Ellen Andrea Wang. – I do like her too but not quite as much as Marthe.

This lyrics is, to put it in a straight-forward way, just a list of different kind of people. It doesn’t sound particularly interesting a description but I think it is interesting when you listen to it. To which of these people do you belong? I’m sure that there is more than one group you could classify yourself to. And if so, this song is for you. I think that despite it’s very minimalistic and there is nothing else in the lyrics, it makes the song very relatable. I feel like it’s deeply personal but at the same time it’s for all people, because we all can relate to it, or the majority of us at least. I hope you like it. 🙂 And here is my translation of the lyrics as well, which, I think, looks pretty decent.


For you who doesn’t hope anymore
You who needs a glow of light and needs it now
For you who can’t bear it anymore
Who has thoughts that only you yourself can understand
For you who doesn’t believe in anything anymore
You who finds a meaning in life, right here, right now
For you who believes there is more
Between our little earth and the big starry sky

For you who just runs away
From all the worry and restlessness that is in your body
For you who thinks that all is well
Who enjoys every night and who likes every day
For you who is waiting for an answer
To every question you asked and questions you have
For you who is completely at ease
Between chaos and happiness, between doubt and faith

For you who doesn’t sleep anymore
You who daydreams about everything you should have done
For you who just sleeps away
Even though everything is running from you and time is flying by

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