Question of the day.

Will you tell us a joke?

My answer:

Sure. I’m not the kind of person who would tell loads of jokes from the top of my brain but Zofijka is, and here is one she told me today:

Two guys are waiting for a bus at the station. A foreigner comes and asks a question in English. No response. He tries German… No response. French… No response. Spanish… The same. One guy says to the other: “See? Maybe we should start learning languages”. “Why? He knows four, and doesn’t have anything out of it”.

Your turn. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Hahaha! 🙂 Good one. Lessee. A joke? Okay (it’s a pun. Sorry. I love puns though)

    A cowboy walks into a bar and orders a beer. His hat is made of brown wrapping paper, his shirt and his vest are made of waxed paper, and his chaps, pants, even his boots are made of paper, even his spurs are made of tissue paper. Pretty soon they arrested him for rustling.

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  2. From the Spook files…
    Two cats decided they wanted to have a good time while their humans were away. One got into the cabinet and started climbing curtains and having a grand old time. The other one went to sleep on the sofa by the sun filled window. The cat having fun pounced on the sleepy cat and said, “Hey, I told you to help me get the catnip!”
    Sleepy cat said, “Oh, I thought you said cat nap!”

    Ten year old humor….kinda iffy 😉

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  3. 😀 😀 😀 HA HA HA!

    Okay… hmm…. Murray went to pray. A devout Jew, he had prayed every day for as long as he could remember. Today, he had a new prayer. “God, I’ve never asked anything major from you, but I’d really like to win the lottery. Can you please help me win the lottery? Amen.” A week passed, and Murray didn’t win the lottery. So he brought it up when next he prayed. “God, I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t important to me; and I’ve never asked for anything important. Can you please help me win the lottery?” Another week passed, and he didn’t win the lottery. He brought it up again in prayer. “God, I’d really love to win the lottery.”

    The heavens rumbled and thundered, and the clowds parted. The deep voice of God descended onto Murray. “Murray, my beloved child. I love you and would do anything for you. But can you help me out a little bit and buy a lottery ticket?”

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      1. I think I know a few lottery dreamers also.

        The time I decided not to dream about the lottery – or what I would do if I won it – was in June 1998.

        It was when a Scottish friend was visiting us.

        Would much rather do it from quizzing or trivia.

        That whole distinction between games of chance and games of skill.

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  4. Zofi:

    loved your linguistic joke!

    And it made me laugh out loud in my throat [which the more intellectual jokes tend to do – the visceral jokes straight to my belly/stomach].

    Found these jokes from Mucha which was an old Polish humour magazine:

    “– Doctor, please help, my wife ate too much during the holiday and now it hurts her!
    – Indeed?
    – No, in the belly!

    – Mr. advocate, sir, did you have happy holidays?
    – They were happy for me, indeed: three cases of battery, two of insult, and three dozens of rejected promissory notes!

    – Horror! Yesterday a young girl jumped from a bridge!
    – Did she fall in love badly?
    – No, in Vistula.”

    thanks Wikipedia.

    The Wisla one is my fave.

    Or was it the one about the teeth/indeed?

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    1. Hahhhahaha all great ones! 😀 The Vistula joke made me think of a scene in “The Blue Castle” by L. M. Montgomery, don’t have the direct quote at hand, but one of the main character’s aunts was complaining that she got bitten by a dog: “Where it had bitten you?” – ask worried relatives. – “Just a little below the church”. – “Is that a vital part?” – asked Valancy – the main heroine.
      Zofi’s joke isn’t her own, I should have added. She’s not particularly good at making up jokes but she has fabulous memory for retaining and colecting them – guess she’s inherited that from our gran. – She found that one in a magazine.

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      1. Ha ha ha!

        Thank goodness for memories.

        Many of my jokes come from the Readers’ Digest or from Phillip Adams and Patrice Newell’s joke books.

        And last June I copied some jokes from around the world for just such occasions as we have here.

        Good old Valancy! She has her fans.

        And I copied a lot of Polish magazines from Wikipedia into my notes yesterday.

        And the aunts – hey!

        Glad you were able to have that vital connection.

        Yours truly has made some Wisla and Oder jokes – to be read on stage by others.

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    2. Jokes from around the world are fun, it’s interesting to observe what differences in the type of sense of humour there are in different cultures, and also languages.
      Yeah, I, for one, much prefer Valancy to Anne Shirley, whom I consider a tiny bit overrated. Not that it is her fault of course.

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