Question of the day.

Hi guys. 🙂

My question for you today is more of a fill-in, actually.

In the event of a storm we should always…

My answer:

…make sure we have something, or someone, that will help keep us sane and won’t let the storm hit us too hard. Or if the storm does hit, it’ll give us at least a little bit of stability that we can keep in our lives.

What do you think? 🙂

7 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Be prepared, whether it’s for life storms or weather storms. The power lines to where I live go through a forested area, so I’ve learned that if there’s a heavy wind or snow storm, the power will get knocked out for a while. I have plenty of candles at home, and I know the most convenient places nearby I can go to charge my phone and laptop.

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  2. Oh boy, fun family memories! Picture it: I was in around 4th grade, maybe. There was a storm with tornado watches in effect. My dad, an avid weather chaser, was upstairs on the second floor, excitedly watching the weather forecast, while seated next to floor-to-ceiling glass windows of our Victorian house.

    Mother was horrified that he wouldn’t go to safety. She dragged me, my brother, and my baby sister down to the basement and prayed fervently for our immortal souls.

    I think the divorce was imminent.

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