Question of the day.

Hi people. 🙂

My question for you today is:

Where have you been?

My answer:

I’ve been to Dreamland last night, finally. It wasn’t a very restful night for some reason but I did get some sleep and am not a Zombie anymore.

I’ve been living here where I live for almost 4 years now. Unbelievable! And what is more unbelievable when I look back at it is how quickly I adapted to living in this house. I’m very happy that I no longer live on the same backyard with my Mum’s family, and that we live in such a lovely place. In a town, where everywhere is near and you’re anonymous, but almost like in the countryside – on the outskirts and a lot of people are actually farming here so it doesn’t feel like a real town, not in our area of it anyway. –

I’ve been to four foreign countries in my life, not that many I guess. Lithuania, Slovakia, Czech and Sweden. All apart from Sweden were only day trips, but I enjoyed staying in all of those.

I’ve been to loads of wonderful and scary places in my brain world, and I’m sure there are still many that I haven’t discovered yet.

How about you? 🙂 Feel free to answer this question in whatever way you like. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Dayton,Ohio, Los Angeles, Hollywood, and San Diego, California, and a bunch of other brief stays via Greyhound bus. Can never afford to stay, though, so I end up back in my 9th circle of hell. Only that was better than where we are now, in Armpit. I try to convince myself this place is okay and maybe it is, but it just isn’t where Spook and I belong. Not sure where that is yet.
    Maybe one day escape will be possible.
    At the moment, I’d settle for mental relocation from Depressionland to “Yay, I woke up today, life is good” land.

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    1. It’s awful to feel like you don’t have a place where you belong, I’ve been there. I hope that at some point you and Spook will find such a place and will be able to escape there. If Armpit is not okay to live in, I wouldn’t try convincing myself, quite a waste of energy, some places will just never grow on you no matter what. I wish that at some point you will find yourself in at least a little bit better mental and emotional place.


  2. What a fun question! I’ve been as far west as Colorado (Wyoming, even, but I was only a toddler, so I’m not sure it counts), as far east as North Carolina, as far south as Florida, and only as far north as Ohio. (Mother lives in New England, and I hope to visit her there sometime.)

    Out of the country, I’ve been to Prague! YAY! And no place else!

    In ninth grade, we went to Florida, and it was really fun. I’m still miffed, though, that the only part of Disney World they took us to was Epcot, which has no rides!! (Not that you could pay me to ride Splash Mountain… but still.)

    I’ve been to the beach due east and south of Louisville (both the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico).

    And like you, I’ve been to many strange corners of my mind!! 😮

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  3. I’ve been to five continents and I think 36 different countries.

    I’ve lived in the same city for 22 years, and I’ve been in my current home for 14 years. My home is on the edge of the city right by a university campus and a lot of park land, so it’s like living away from the city without being far away.

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