Question of the day (20th September).

When was the last time you begun a new chapter?
My answer:
In a more literal way, today – I’ve been rereading “Jane Eyre” and have read at least two chapters today. – 😀 But what I’m asking you and myself is more about life in general, though feel free to answer this question how you’d like.
The last time I begun a new chapter… I think a proper, major, separate, key chapter in its own right, was when I’ve got Misha. It has changed so much in my life, and now I can’t even imagine easily not having him in my life. Then there was also starting my new, current blog, but since I’d done it multiple times in the past, it didn’t have that feel of a brand mew beginning. You? 🙂
PS: Let me know if anything looks different/weird/worse about this post, I don’t think it should but just in case and out of curiosity. I’m writing this via email on my brand new Braille-Sense that arrived yesterday. I’ve also got a new PlexTalk, and yes, the computer, but turns out my scary adjustment process (and a lot of the stress) can be postponed for some more. Something in it got broken on the delivery so I need to send it back to the company who helped me get it so that they can fix it. Nothing major, so I don’t think it’ll be a problem, but bad enough that you can’t even turn the computer on.

6 thoughts on “Question of the day (20th September).”

  1. I love Jane Eyre! It’s one of my two favorite books, with The Thorn Birds! I tried to reread it a while back, but I got bogged down by its first ten chapters. But my favorite thing about it is that her relationship with Mr. Rochester is so talk-based. Like, they really get to know each other for who they are, which you don’t see in modern YA books with their instalove, which seems to be a flaw of the times! I love collecting Jane Eyres and I have a few nice illustated editions and editions with pretty covers.

    A new chapter? I guess around two weeks ago when I got on a fitness kick! It’s on hold right now ’cause I’m on my period. (Groan.) But I hope to keep the fitness going!

    Keep us posted about your tech setup! My fingers are still crossed that it’ll all work out!!

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    1. I really love Jane Eyre too! 🙂 And it is true that they talk so much to each other with Mr. Rochester and it is interesting to read, as the dialogues are really full of character.
      My fingers and brain hemispheres are still crossed as well that your fitness goes well when you can go back to it. 🙂

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