Question of the day.

Okay, we’ve had quite a lot of more or less family focused questions. For now, let’s focus on our hair.

If you had to choose a hair colour other than your natural colour, what would it be?

My answer:

Definitely black. Dyed black hair don’t look as good as natural but oh well… Or if not raven black, then very dark brown. Otherwise, red. Yes, yes, I hate red, but as a hair colour it’s quite cool, the kind of orange red at least. In fact, I used to dye my hair all these colours, but I no longer do as it’s quite a hassle and I lack the patience for such things, plus I can’t do that independently, and with black/dark brown, it’s hard to find a dye that doesn’t have a shade of red, and then I dislike it, and it doesn’t look good on me either.

You. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Fun question! I LOVE rainbow, and in fact, I had rainbow hair around this time last year. I would always go for rainbow!! But as for what looks best on me, I’ve learned that black hair and red hair don’t flatter my coloring. Blonde hair is ideal as far as making me the most attractive I can be. I’m growing out my bangs right now, and it’s a tedious process. My end goal is to get a bob of chin length or shorter once they’re grown long enough to put behind my ears. Then I’ll majorly touch up my blonde coloring. Hopefully that will all work out before I go to Prague!! YAY!

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