Question of the day.

How big is your family, immediate and extended? Is one parent’s side of the family bigger than the other?

My answer:

I guess my family is pretty big, even my immediate family, for today’s standards. Apparently, families with just 3 children or more are officially recognised as “big” in Poland, and we have something called Big Family Card, which entitles members of big families to discounts on public transport or cultural institutions tickets and such. There is my Dad, Mum, me, my brother Olek and my sis Zofijka, and our cat Misha and dog Jocky, but they must cope somehow without Big Family Cards as they don’t travel at all so I guess that’s why they didn’t get them. As for my extended family, well my Dad has four siblings, and my Mum has three, and only one of my uncles on Dad’s side doesn’t have children, all the rest of their siblings do, so in total, on both my parents’ sides, only their siblings’ children/grandchildren, I have… let’s do some counting, it might take a while……… 23 cousins, if I’m thinking right, 27 if you count their spouses since they’re colloquially called cousins too. I think though that my Dad’s family is bigger overall, as his parents have both had many siblings, my gran had like 10 I guess. Or maybe I just have that impression that there is so many of my Dad’s relatives because I don’t know them quite as well as my Mum’s family. I lived with my Mum’s family for most of my life so naturally I’ve seen lots of her aunts and uncles and cousins and all visiting, if not us, then my grandparents, at least so that I know who’s who in theory, but if I’d meet my Dad’s cousin on the street, I don’t think I’d even recognise them, let alone know what their name is or what exactly is the familial relationship between us or what they do for living. My Dad knows all of them though and where they live and what they do, and all the complex affinities. They tend to have kinda unobvious nicknames that they go by, which adds to the confusion, I mean usually Polish nicknames from names are very obvious, but in my Dad’s extended family’s case, their real full names are often quite different from what they’re called, they have a talent for making up very harshly sounding diminutives and spoiling names that are quite pretty in their original full forms. 😀 I guess in a way this must be a Kashubian thing, as my Dad is Kashubian. Somehow though, I have an impression that while my Dad’s side is bigger, it consists largely of middle-aged to elderly people, unlike my Mum’s side where there are weddings and births happening relatively frequently all the time and there are children of all ages. But still, despite being smaller, my Mum’s family is big, quite interesting and spread all over the country, and a little bit abroad.

How about your family? 🙂

7 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. My mom’s brother didn’t have kids, so I have no cousins on that side. My dad has three siblings, and I have three cousins from that side of the family although they don’t live nearby so I hardly ever see them. I had some great aunts and uncles on both sides that I used to see, but none of them are still living.

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  2. Hmm…. on my mom’s side, I have around six cousins. On my dad’s side, I have around four or five cousins. I grew up associating with three of those maternal cousins more than the others, due to age differences and physical proximity issues. I have one paternal aunt who I like an awful lot–oh, and her husband, my uncle; and then I have three maternal aunts and two maternal uncles (one dead). Both of my bio grandpas died before I was born, and both of my grandmothers remarried, also before I was born; and thus I was raised with step-grandpas who may as well have been the real deal. I have a stepsister whom I adore, but we didn’t grow up together; our parents’ marriage was a later-in-life thing. In my immediate family, I have the one brother and the sister, who’s pregnant and engaged at this point in time. With my paternal family, aside from my aunt who I really like, I don’t know any of them. My aunt and I have connected on FB, which wasn’t around when I was growing up, and they all live quite far across the country.

    Wow, you have a lot of cousins!! 😮

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  3. How big is your family, immediate and extended? Is one parent’s side of the family bigger than the other?

    Both families are pretty big. My maternal grandparents had eleven kids and everyone of my maternal aunts and uncles had at least two, three or four kids. Even my mom has two kids. Right now I have two nieces on my maternal side that are about to become moms. The weddings on my moms side mostly stopped for a while now because right now we mostly have teenagers left with my thirty year old sister, two nieces in their twenties, and four cousins in their thirties. The last two weddings on my mom’s side were my wedding in 2016 and my niece’s wedding in 2017. My paternal grandparents had six kids. But one of the six didn’t have any children. One paternal aunt had three kids and the other two paternal aunt’s had two kids each. My parents had my sister and I. My paternal uncle had three kids. The last two weddings on my dad’s side were my niece’s wedding in 2017 and my wedding in 2016. Majority of the nieces are in their twenties with two in their thirties. My dad’s siblings all live in America except for one paternal aunt who lives in India. One of my other paternal aunt’s lives for six months in America and six months in India. Only two of my mom’s siblings live in America with the rest in India. But two of my mom’s siblings visit us or other family at least once a year. On my mom’s side of the family we have family living in America, England, Malaysia, Germany, UAE, and India.

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