Question of the day (29th August).

Which colours make up most of your wardrobe?

My answer:

It’s mostly my Mum who gets clothes for me, or as I say, is my stylist, which is easy and comfy because we both have mostly very similar styles, and also like similar colours. It’s also convenient because sometimes when I just need one or two clothing items I don’t have to go to a shop, but when my Mum is going somewhere else she can easily choose the right things for me, it matters because I loathe clothes shopping, it’s sooo overwhelming and soooo boring. So, because of this, I don’t always remember what colour all my things are, and I probably wouldn’t remember all of them anyway, and some that I wear less often I just don’t know what colour they are. Generally though, in terms of colour, it’s very similar to how my Mum’s wardrobe looks like – you open it and see blackness! – I love black, I feel good in it, I think it fits me and I hate stupid folks who assume I’ve lost someone and daftly ask me “Did something happen in your family?”. Even if so, I’d tell you first if I’d want. So that’s the only downside of wearing black. But it’s really such a practical colour and people say I look good in it. I wear a lot of grey which I love too, especially when I stay at home, then if I can I wear as many grey things as possible so that me and Misha look very similar. Grey is just so homely and cosy. I would like to wear more white, which is also one of my favourite stuff, but it’s not practical and Mum says it doesn’t look to well on me usually as my skin is very pale, Zofijka apparently looks gorgeous in white, she’s quite a Nordic type but has a darker (and way more tanned most of the time) complexion than me. But I have lots of blues, especially the turquoise shade or similar, and I love blue too. I also have quite a few purple things, purple is okay though I’m not very crazy on it, but apparently it fits me very much. As you can see, it’s mostly cooler colours, from the warmer ones I have two fuchsia skirts and some pink-ish stuff, I hate red and I would never put it on myself (consciously, of course), apart from one T-shirt I have that is red and has “Purrr” written on it in tactile letters on some sort of a velvety material, this one I love. So, in short, that’s it.

How about your wardrobe? And which colours, in your view, fit you best? πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “Question of the day (29th August).”

  1. My aunt likes black things too.

    I was not able to distinguish my aunt from my cousin or my other cousin until I realised that the cousin likes to wear wine colours.

    And then there was a deep turquoise shirt full of autumn flowers.

    Ah – the mixed blessing of pale skin!

    Grey and pink go well together – Helen Keller had a fantastic description of pink being like “a baby’s face” – I think she may have experienced this while she was still hearing-sighted or her Mum told her.

    Kate Keller was really into style and taste and she remained that way until she died shortly before or after the First World War.

    So was Helen’s younger sister by five years, Mildred. I think Zofi might find something of herself in Mildred and even in Phillips Brooks [the youngest Keller – the one who said “Sister Helen should not be buried in the Swedenborgian faith – the one we’re afraid of and the one we don’t know” but he didn’t obstruct her wishes in the end – at least not the ones she expressed – they were in a committee together].

    PURR! with that shirt. It could even be PHOWARR!

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    1. Helen Keller might have heard it from someone or seen it herself, or perhaps she was like me and just got some understanding of colours out of nowhere. That happens to some blind people, and I like that description and feel very similarly about pink. That reminds me, I need to reread her autobiography some time soon, I read it as a little kid and barely remember anything, only some bits and pieces and the general feeling that I liked it very much.
      Apart from that I can’t wear much white, I like my pale skin, it’s one of few things that I really like about myself without any reservations despite most people around me seem not to, I don’t care. πŸ˜€

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      1. Yeah – it is a good feeling.

        My model of Helen Keller is coming back after some years spent outdoors and not being looked after.

        She has plaits and several 19th century outfits [which were really late-20th century outfits] and a Girlfriend-style hat. They are an Australian band from 1992 and they did lots of pop-dance and were big in Japan.

        So the millinery world – a very textured hat with tartan in its lining and a flower somewhere on the brim.

        All my Keller books have come apart except for a Franklin Watts one and the Three Lives of Helen Keller.

        Thank goodness for e-books in this context, Emilia!

        Yes – the concept of colour would come out of life experience and also description. People seem to understand black and white first; then red and orange; blue and green; yellow and purple and later on pink.

        Glad that description of pink tapped into something about you and your perception and apperception.

        I can’t wear much white because I spill things on it so it is nearly always colour. I suppose the spilling would happen no matter what colour I was wearing.

        Do they prefer tanned or coloured skin – the people around you?

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    2. I can be a bit clumsy too, so white is indeed not a practical colour for everyone, haha.
      The people around me have a strong preference for tanned people. A lot of them probably because they have complexes around their own paleness, especially my Dad’s family who all have quite stereotypically northern European looks. I actually hate to sit in the sun and be tanned so I don’t get that problem too well.

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  2. My love of technicolor doesn’t translate to clothing, because with clothing, I’m more concerned about how well it fits and how it feels, so color falls by the wayside. But I often see children’s clothing and feel envious because it’s so gorgeous and colorful!!

    Blue is a definite favorite!! Purple too. White, not so much, nor yellow. Black, too dull. Anything rainbowy!!

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    1. Yeah for how it fits and how it feels – the comfort factor.

      I don’t know.

      It depends on whether I sense/feel the kids have chosen it themselves or the parents or someone important has made an interference/intervention to make the kid loud and more noticeable and out of their comfort zone.

      Purple is a good colour.

      There are the Oxford Pennants now which are very bright and colourful and summery. They are part of the Kelle Hampton collection.

      Do you want to feel like “Yes you can”? Because the Pennants help with that. The red and blue ones – how do you feel about those?

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