13 thoughts on “Question of the day (30th August).”

  1. I am thinking about you and Zofifjka and Pippi Longstocking and the Bullerby kids – and when Meriah Nichols and her family went to Sweden [especially Kalmar where their ancestors were] – I was able to use the point to connect.

    Nichols and the kids have been travelling a lot – they went to Krakow and they found it a very mixed city. They have been in Budapest and Copenhagen and other awesomeness.

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    1. It’s amusing how a lot of people seem to associate me and my family or my writings with Astrid Lindgren or her books or characters, interesting that you think about it too! πŸ˜€ Oh I haven’t ever heard of Meriah Nichols before, will definitely have to learn more about her.

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      1. You will, Emilia, you will!

        So she is an employment specialist and advocate based in Hawaii and she wants to make a cat sanctuary. [Felinophiles rejoice].

        She runs a book club once every month about important topics.

        I first started following her blog through a blog-hop run by Ellen Seidman; who is a journalist – in about 2014 when she was touring through Cambodia and Vietnam and Thailand.

        Yes – it’s a great connection – because lots of people learn about Sweden and Swedes through Lindgren – and it would be natural to make the connection with/through your family.

        Something about that free; easy; natural; open-air and anarchic life…

        For other people: meriahnichols dot com.

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    2. Oh wow, she sounds really gorgeous! A cat sanctuary, I love the idea. πŸ™‚
      Yeah, you’re right, Astrid Lindgren is one of the main associations for people with Sweden and often when they learn that I am learning Swedish and into Sweden, when they think of me, they think of Sweden, and vice versa. πŸ˜€ Makes some sense.

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  2. Oh boy, a free-for-all? Okay!! You were asking about clothing colors, and I’m really excited about the LL Bean fall line. I’ve got their catalogue and I’ve perused their web site, and I’m just really, really excited and want to buy everything they have! Of course, I have no money. BUT! I had to return my winter coat and a jacket to them, so they should give me a refund or credit upon receipt. (The zipper got jammed on one, and the zipper fell off another.) I’ve got my eye on a gorgeous winter coat to wear as a replacement. And I’m just a stress mess doing the 3-day novel writing, but it’s going okay. I think I’ve crashed and burned for today, though. (It’s almost midnight here, so I guess it’s okay.) A lot of other people in the contest have surpassed my word count, which makes me fretful, even though length is just one judging factor in the contest. I had a bad experience at the grocery store at 10:30 PM and it put a pall on my mood that I need to shake off so I can still be in this contest. (I’m not surprised, though; stuff seems to go wrong often when I leave the house.) Thanks for letting me ramble! I’m exhausted and functionally braindead!!

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    1. Yargh Meg!

      Zippers jamming and falling.

      Good to know how the 3-day novel writing is going.

      I can do the stuff for three or four days at a stretch though probably not more than 10,000 words of fiction.

      Bad experiences in grocery stores…

      Good to know you were able to ramble here.

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    2. Seems like your brain must be overflowing with loads of completely different feelings. I totally understand your stress around the contest but I am sure that if it’s going okay so far, it will end up at least okay as well. That’s often very true for me too, regarding going out of the house, haha. I hope you were able to shake it off, it’s usually pretty awful for me to do any creative writing when feeling low or overwhelmed, or at least the result is dull.

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  3. Why do parents not really care if their kids treat a store like a playground? I actually had a conversation with one of my coworkers about this last night and I was like our store is not a playground where kids can run around and play games. I work retail and we often see kids running around our store and the parents just don’t care what the kids do. They don’t even try to stop them from playing hide and seek or other types of games. It was so hard for me to walk around and put all the clothes away because the kids kept getting in my way. I told another coworker that I was terrified that I would have slipped over the kids and fallen if they had accidentally ran into me. He was like you should have fallen down.

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    1. How annoying that must be! I would be extremely irritated in your position, granted that kids usually irritate me, however awful that sounds. I try not to be judgmental towards parents – in that not all wrong things that their children do is their fault and doesn’t necessarily have to mean they are bad parents – (I mean there are children with ADHD and other challenging behaviours for whom it may be impossible to stay stil) but the parents should at least try to do something or, at the very least, apologise to you as the staff if they notice it’s problematic for you to work while those kids are running like crazy. Ignoring that is certainly the worst thing they can do.


    2. The parents could make a spotto or a bingo along with the shopping list.

      Some countries like India play lotto.

      This will keep the children actively engaged in the shopping and consumer experience.

      Oh no that that guy thought you should have fallen down.

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