Question of the day (17th August).

Have you come across many people who share your name?

My answer:

No. I would kind of like to meet more Emilias, I just think it could be fun to meet more of my namesakes, but on the other hand I am glad that I don’t know many of them, it’s cool this way. Although Emilia is pretty big for babies right now so I’ll probably meet more of them in future, I see little Emilias being born on our baby naming Polish community pretty much every day. I know one who’s about 2 years my senior I guess, she was in my school. The other is my Dad’s colleague’s wife’s sister. My parents no longer keep in touch with their family and I only knew her very superficially, but my Mum knew her well enough that she got bad associations with the name, and that was the main reason why it was so weird for her when I’ve become an Emilia. I also know one Emilia who is now I suppose in her mid 30’s. But neither of them I know well.

How about you? If you do know someone with the same name as you, do you like them? Do you like having/not having many namesakes? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Question of the day (17th August).”

  1. Well, in high school, I was Meghan (my birthname) and another girl was Megan with a different last name. She went to high school and church with me. The name suited her exactly. She was pretty, popular, trendy, liked the Beatles, and all that. It felt weird having almost the same name as her.

    Then, in my favorite novel (and its miniseries) The Thorn Birds, the main character is Meghann, but she goes by Meggie. My favorite line is when she exits the hot tub with a guy who’s all wrong for her and says, “I detest the name Meghann.”

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    1. Wow indeed, Meggie’s full name was Meghann, I didn’t even remember that. It was ages ago when I read “The Thorn Birds”, I think I’ll have to reread it, but from what I remember I believe there was a period where she was going by Meg too, wasn’t she? She’s a cool namesake to have. 🙂

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      1. She sure is!! But no, I don’t think she was ever Meg, just Meggie. Honestly, I love the name Meggie and would love to go by it! But everyone in my family is like, “Please don’t make us get used to a new name… again!!” So, Meg it is. Eh. Oh well! 😀

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