Question of the day.

Hi hi guys! 🙂

Today I have the following question for you:

Who taught you to go grocery shopping?

My answer:

I don’t think anyone taught me to do that specifically, like “Come on, I’ll teach you how to do grocery shopping”. I often assisted either of my parents when they were doing the grocery shopping when I was a small child, and actually throughout my childhood and adolescence when I was home for longer. I believe we must have had some learning to grocery shop at the boarding school, or maybe I had that at any of the independent living skills classes when I was little, but I can’t remember anything like that at the moment. Then when I got my debit card and all that my Mum taught me how to use it and showed me in more detail how to do shopping at a grocery store. On a daily basis, I hardly ever need any special grocery items just for myself, and it’s usually my Dad or Mum who does groceries for all of us including Olek and me, but if I do need something extra, I either tell them or get it online. When I’m in need of larger shopping, I do it normally online too, or if there is an opportunity or I’d rather get something physically and see in what condition it is or need something from a local shop we do it together with Mum. But while I’m pretty confident with it at the moment when she’s assisting me, I wouldn’t be able to do it by myself.

You? 🙂

8 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I learned some of it incidentally by going grocery shopping with my parents. I was taught the route to the nearest supermarket by a mobility instructor from the blindness rehabilitation center when I was about twelve. Still, I always went and searched forever to find the food I wanted rather than going to the counter to ask an employee to help me. I don’t know whether the mobility instructor didn’t teach me to do that or I felt too ashamed.

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    1. I feel like going grocery shopping just on your own at 12 is a bit of a responsibility, so maybe it just was a lot to tackle for you. My Zofijka is 12 at the moment, a bubbly, extroverted, able-bodied and bold girl and she too feels still a little bit stressed when going grocery shopping and having to chat with a shop assistant on her own and deal with money.

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  2. I guess I just sort of observed it over the years, but I never really did it myself until college, or maybe after college. (In college, I had a really wonderful campus meal plan, and oh my goodness, they made the greatest–albeit very unhealthy–food.) All I had to do to pay for it was to swipe my meal card. Thank you, parents!!

    After college, I started shopping for myself mainly because, even though I live with my dad, he doesn’t cook. He actually eats out twice a day, every day. It’s, like, a social thing for him. So I get my own groceries, even though I totally don’t mind if he helps himself to the snacks.

    With my rampant paranoia, I’m super-glad that our grocery stores here have a U-scan, so I don’t have to interact with the employees, most of the time.

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