Question of the day.

Hi people! 🙂

My question for you today is:

Who taught you to style your hair, or take care of your hair?

My answer:

I am pretty sure it must have been my Mum who taught me the basic things, like brushing and washing my hair, using the conditioners and such. But I can’t really style my hair. Also, my current hairstyle doesn’t really require much styling. Which I am happy about, as I myself am not into that and find a waste of time, and hate when people are playing around with my hair, I don’t understand how some people can even love it! 😀

How about you? 🙂


10 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. My Mom I guess. She taught me the basics like brushing and washing, but she wasn’t too persistent, so I didn’t really learn. She was adamant that I style my hair or get it sytled, but I hated this.

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  2. I’m the same way–I’m a wash-and-go sort of person. I have no styling abilities whatsoever! I can, however, cut my own hair. Go figure. I taught myself that. I don’t recommend it to the faint of heart. Unless you can live with any level of saying, “Oops,” then it’s best to pay someone else to do it.

    No one ever taught me, but it was mostly because I showed no interest in it, I’m sure!

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  3. My grandmothers taught me a lot about hair as I got older. Like about perming and bucket hair and curls like Mrs Snow in Pollyanna.

    My mother taught me about dying and greying hair and the consistencies thereof.

    Aunts and cousins contributed too.

    And some friends taught me about braiding and plaiting.

    One taught me about Schwartzkopf and gels – they were used by both daughters in the house; in different ways.

    So did some of my art teachers, and I also learnt from graphics and schematics in books.

    And one lesson was from Elinor Brent-Dyer about having your hair up.

    As for cutting my own hair – I’ve done that several times. Most recently in April 1997 when I wanted a big thick lock for my diary.

    I have taught at least one younger cousin to make an Elsa/Arrendale hairdo.

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