Everyone’s coming and going, but I can’t. :(

Hhrrru? 😻

It’s Misha and I’m sad. I like being alone, but not lonely. And in last couple of weeks I’ve been feeling lonely a lot. I so hope it will end soon, or that I will be able to have some adventures too. The peeps are having them all the time! Everyone’s coming and going somewhere all the time. Last week, I haven’t seen Zofijka almost at all. And then suddenly everyone was gone, I only saw Olek a few times and he gave me some food, but only very little, not as much as Mum or Mila gives me, I guess he doesn’t know how much I eat. I was so terribly bored. Then they came back – that is Mum, Dad and Mila – and were very happy to see me but the next day when I woke up Mum and Dad weren’t there again, so I guess it was just pretended. I hate lying people. I never lie! It’s only people that do it, and that’s why, while I love my peeps, I also think humans are the worst and strangest species in the world. I wish they were felines like me, at least they wouldn’t be so cocky all the time. But I was a brave Misha and I didn’t cry, and at least then Mila was with me so I spent a lot of time with her, and I had a lot of treats. But I felt very sad and a bit rejected anyway, because they could go anywhere they wanted and I can’t even leave the house for a minute because then there’s one big drama. The next day Zofijka came, but this week still they are almost constantly out of the house. I guess that’s what they call holidays. So why can’t I have my holidays too? I really hope those holidays will end soon, or that they will take me at least on the terrace so I can smell the fresh air. I love the smell of fresh air, do you? And I love the smell of flowers. I only dislike the smell of other cats, and sometimes I can feel it when they do let me out for a little while.

Have you been on holidays, pets and peeps? Or if you pets aren’t going anywhere like me, how do you deal with it? Are you sad about it or is it normal for you and you don’t care, or perhaps you even like it this way? What do you do when your peeps leave you?

It’s so very sunny today, I would really like to go out. Maybe if I’ll go for a walk around the house and cry long enough at ever window I’ll piss them off enough to let me out. Mum and Dad have just come back from wherever they were. I’ve heard that even Jocky decided to go on holidays and ran away. (sigh) The world is so unfair! Just wait until the Feline Era comes!

Mishpurrs. 🙂

Misha 💜 💚 💙

8 thoughts on “Everyone’s coming and going, but I can’t. :(”

  1. It’s okay, Misha. My kitty Godsmack loves her alone time but she gets very lonely and sometimes needs one of the outdoor cats to come in and keep her company. Us humans just are boring sometimes. 😦

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    1. How cool for her that she can spend time with other cats when she’s lonely! 🙂 Our outdoor cats are very wild and don’t like me, and I always get very nervous around other cats. Yeah, people can be very boring at times. But I still like my peeps. I make their lives less boring they say.
      Misha 💜


  2. Yes, Misha,

    this is what they call holidays.

    Caturdays are so very nice, though.

    Hope you soaked up Mila’s ministrations.

    Any cats in the neighbourhood – sometimes they go to a cattery or they stay home and a neighbour feeds them [it helps when the neighbour is reliable].

    Some cats even visit me for their holidays and getaways.

    Also they get pats and snuggles which are extra during the holidays.

    And Jocky – is he back yet?

    You’ve said you dislike the smell of other cats – so maybe a cattery wouldn’t be for you unless you were the only cat there.

    Fresh air is a wonderful smell.

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    1. Yes, Caturdays are great!
      I finally had my mini holidays today too. Dad let me out for a little while on the terrace! It was just a little bit and not as much of a holiday as I would deserve but at least I could make a practical joke on them and hide behind the sofa on the terrace so they had a bit of a headache getting me out and back to the house, and Mila was cross with Dad for letting me out. He’s in my good books now though.
      Luckily I didn’t have to be taken care of by strangers because there always was someone, at least Olek. Yes, I don’t like the smell of other cats and I feel very nervous around them, I don’t get along with them, so I wouldn’t like to go to a cattery, at least I know everything in my house and know where it’s best to sleep, and don’t have to adjust to other animals, as I don’t like that at all. But if I was the only cat there, yeah that could be interesting!
      Yes, Jocky is back. It turned out he ran after Zofijka, who went out with her friends. He just wanted to be nice and show her how he loves her but she was mad at him.
      Misha 💜


      1. Misha,

        glad your Dad let you out.

        And Jocky loves to run with human friends, I see.

        The daughters of the house get mad with their cats or with the people who think of the cats’ interests?

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    2. Yes, Jocky loves a good run, and he loves Zofijka even more! And as for Mila, I think she was much more mad at Dad than me, she knows that my inner calling for adventures is stronger than me and that I can’t resist going out when someone offers me.


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