Jac Richards ft. Clary Saddler – “Only Love”.

Hi hi people! πŸ™‚

Today I have something very very unusual for you! In some respects, I think it’s more out of the box than anything I’ve ever shared with you in the song of the day series. It actually appears so niche that I had a little bit of doubt if I actually should. But, while even BBC was writing about him on their website, and he’s been talked about a little bit around the Internet, it feels like the echo wasn’t too big, so I thought it deserves sharing, even just to show what sort of things disabled people can do with the right support, I know for many people that would seem unbelievable.

But what am I talking about. Jac Richards is a 22-year-old boy from Llangennech, Wales (yeah, a Jac from Wales, that’s my territory) who has a severe form of cerebral palsy. In his case, that means he can’t walk, speak, sit or use his hands. He is though well developed intellectually and his senses function properly. Jac has always loved music and going for concerts and his biggest dream was to be able to make music. His dream has become achievable thanks to Forget-Me-Not Productions, who are an UK organisation helping disabled people to express themselves through arts with the use of assistive technologies. They made it possible for Jac to study music and film production and he is able to create music using his eye muscles.

The funny thing is that I read about Jac yesterday… on a Polish website! πŸ˜€ Really! I’m always into quirky music undertakings that people make so I just had to look his single up, and read more about him. You can read more about him here

and here.

By the way, I’ve recently noticed some particular tendency that there are quite a few inspirational disabled people in Wales that have been talked about recently in media or such, even in Polish media, although it could be just that I pay more attention to it or something.

Anyway, Jac wrote the lyrics to his song – which is called “Only Love” – he also composed and produced it, and played all the virtual instruments. The director of Forget-Me-Not Productions is a vocalist in this piece.

I must say that it felt rather odd to me when I listened to it for the first time. It feels highly electronified (does such a word exist? Don’t care πŸ˜€ ) which shouldn’t be a big discovery since of course all the instruments in there were electronic and it’s bordering on R&B, but, even though I do like some electronic music, even very electronic at times, what exactly bothered me in it the first time I listened to it was that it felt kind of overdone. Like, too much of everything at once, a bit chaotic, I’d say subtly aggressive even! But there was something haunting about it! I sometimes have such songs that I don’t really feel convinced to but still there is something that will make want to listen to them again. And so I had a few listens to it so far, and I must say it’s grown on me. I guess the impression of it being overdone was just temporary. There’s indeed plenty of strong emotions (how couldn’t there be, it’s Jac’s first single and I can imagine that, not being able to speak, music is now a huge emotions releaser). So, while it doesn’t feel exactly my style, and doesn’t strike exactly that special chord in my brain, I do like it! And, since that single was made last year, I’d really like to hear something else from him, I really hope we will be able to enjoy more of his music, and that more people will know about him.

4 thoughts on “Jac Richards ft. Clary Saddler – “Only Love”.”

  1. Oh, yes, music is such a releaser of emotions!

    The things I felt during writing my last blog.

    [most of it was a text-reprise/text response and I picked songs to do with the next generation].

    I actually quite liked Jac’s electronic stuff.

    Something about community in Wales and how people are included and encouraged?

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    1. Yeah, I love it about music! Jac’s electronic stuff is really growing on me all the time, really one of those weirdly addictive pieces for me for some reason. πŸ˜€ I’ve noticed that too, that they have a strong sense of community in Wales, and it often comes out in very creative ways.


      1. Hi there. I’m Clary, I am the co-director of Forget-Me-Not-Productions and vocalist in this song. I happened to stumble upon this blog and was really interested to hear your comments on the song. As you mentioned being curious to hear follow up singles I thought I’d share his second song “Honey You’re So Sweet”. It is a completely different sound and vibe to “Only Love”. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. https://vimeo.com/346607003

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  2. Hi Clary. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. And thanks a lot for sharing Jac’s second single, I liked it very much!
    It is indeed very different, which shows that he is a very versatile musician, I appreciate versatility in music a lot. But at the same time, after listening to both these songs, I can now see that he has clearly such a distinctive style, I don’t even know how to describe it more specifically but he has his own sound, and even though I didn’t feel this one piece being as full of strong emotions as “Only Love”, he definitely seems to know how to express what he’s feeling through the music and make the listener feel it. There’s something haunting and a tiny bit quirky in his style, I feel, even though the second single is pop so quite a “normal” and typical genre, haha. Jac’s music has been definitely one of the most intriguing music discoveries of this year for me. You’re both doing a great job as a team and I’m very happy to hear from you and know that Jac is continuing to make music and finding himself in so different genres. πŸ™‚


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