Some random questions.

So as I wrote in my last post, I’m very sorry for my blog absence and that I didn’t tell you guys earlier or schedule some posts, but it all happened quite suddenly and I knew about it last minute myself. I went on holidays with my parents to Masuria for two days. We didn’t end up doing much there, but I hope to make a coffee share – although it won’t be a weekend coffee share any longer of course – and I’ll tell you more about it then, as well as other things. And then I was a bit disorganised for a couple days. I know those of you who read my blog regularly like my question of the day series, but I’m feeling lazy and not like catching up on every single question and making them all up or looking for some separate ones online so I just picked up some from the Interwebs, I guess they’re circling around a lot as I’ve seen them as a tag on a few WordPress blogs, so, I’ll simply answer them for fun, just to write something before I go to sleep and before I write more tomorrow, and you feel free to join in, in the comments, or in your own posts even, however is more convenient. We can call it MIM (as in My Inner Mishmash) Lazy Tag, if it didn’t have any other name already.

1. Do you like blue cheese?

Ugh yuck! It’s smelly! Even I can feel it, and my sense of smell is really rubbish. I immediately get weird and obscene associations feeling that smell, so no, I’d rather normal cheese.
2. Coke or Pepsi?
Pepsi, but if there’s no Pepsi, Coke will do.

3. Do you own a gun?

Well that could cause some world wide disaster, so I’d better not.No, I don’t own a gun.

4. What flavor of Kool-Aid?
I’ve never drank KoolAid. I don’t even think it’s available in Poland, not in normal shops. Perhaps I should get it from Scrummy next time. But from what I know it’s a sort of lemonade-like drink in terms of taste, isn’t it? Not a fan of those, so probably wouldn’t like it.

5. Do you like Hot dogs?
Naah. Hot cats – with their bellies stretched out in the sun, and especially one cat Misha – are much better. 😉 Seriously, i’ll eat if you’ll force me, but actually I hate hot dogs. I’m generally fussy about fast food and like hardly anything other than chips. 😀

6. Favorite TV shows?
None at the moment. I don’t watch much TV.

7. Do you believe in ghosts?
Yes. I am Catholic, so I believe in purgatory and that sometimes a soul can come to you and ask you for prayers, mostly in your dreams, and if you pray for purgatory souls, they are very grateful to you and pray for you too, and you can really count on them. My great grandmother apparently saw purgatory souls and was in contact with them. And I pray a lot for those that are close to me, and those that aren’t, myself, it’s quite an important part of my spirituality I’d say. But I don’t call them ghosts. It sounds evil and Halloweeny. Souls in purgatory don’t scare or harm or haunt people. I guess I believe in stuff like poltergeist or haunted houses or such, but I think it’s not as common as people like to say, loads of people I know have some creepy paranormal experiences. I don’t say it can’t happen, but am kinda sceptical usually. I do believe that people who do spiritual seanses (is it how it’s really called in English? it looks weird!) see ghosts, but not necessarily those that they will like, as purgatory souls don’t come to you on your whim, I believe they’re evil spirits and can do you potential harm, even though I sometimes joke about it myself that I will make a spiritual seans and get someone back to life, I’d never do that, not only because of my beliefs, but it’s rather creepy.

8. What do you drink in the morning?
Green tea – instead of coffee now, or light iced coffee just for the taste, not the effects, and a bit later on a mug of raspberry tea usually.

9. Can you do pushups?
No way!

10. Favorite jewelry?
I only wear a ring made of agate, it’s just a simple ring that looks much like a wedding ring, without any ornaments or anything. I’ve got a present from a gem stones shop owner in Stockholm two years ago, a sapphire ball that I have a pendant with and I used to wear it all the time, but now I don’t, only for some special occasions. I also wear a holy medal, but I don’t consider it jewellery really. I have some brooches and clip on earrings that I wear on some big outings.

11. Favorite hobby?
Hmmm… language learning? Is that still a hobby or a lifestyle? If not that, then blogging.

12. Do you have ADD/ADHD?
No, definitely not, but apparently I do have some executive functions impairment, or so is stated in some of my school paperwork and other stuff, as we’ve recently discovered, and that would actually make some sense, although I didn’t know that it was apparent enough for others to see, and not even tell me, well, I hadn’t thought about all that much at school myself either and it felt kind of rather that it was the way I was than some sort of an “impairment”. And I don’t know which functions they exactly meant back then and what led them to that.

13. Do you wear glasses?
No. As a little child I used to think I will see something if I will wear glasses, but since I didn’t, and found the feeling of wearing them rather annoying, I no longer do.

14. A favorite cartoon character as a kid?
I loved Gumi Bears.

15. What are three things you did or are going to do today?
Did – read emails, fed Misha, helped Mum with cooking lunch – will do – feed Misha and put him to sleep, go to bed, do my Welsh listening. –

16. Drinks you drink all the time?
Water, kefir and green tea (out of necessity).

17. Current worries?
I’m going to get a lot of new tech equipment, I’m scared of changes and that I won’t get used to it or something will go wrong, I don’t even know what, it’s all really stressful! My parents are going to my uncle’s funeral for two days and I’ll be home with Zofijka and Misha, I’m worried how I’ll survive with constantly bored Zofijka and I can’t stop ruminating that something awful will happen – from the house catching fire to Misha choking with food to Zofijka coming back from the camp tomorrow with a norovirus. 😀 These are the main things at the moment.

18. Do you believe in magic?
No. OK, I may believe in some things perhaps that you would call magic, that’s possible. But I don’t believe in magic as such and find the word highly overrated, and hate it especially when people use it in the context of Christmas. So cliche and silly! Christmas is a miracle, that’s for sure, but no magic.

19. Favorite place to be?
My bedroom.

20. Any bad habits?

Nailbiting/picking/cuticle biting/picking, lip biting/picking, self harming, overthinking, self-loathing, if that’s a habit, in a way it could be, being messy, suppressing feelings, and probably some more that I can’t think of right away.

Your turn! I’m off to sleep. 😪 😴

10 thoughts on “Some random questions.”

      1. Here I am! Oh my, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling so anxious!! But don’t worry!! I’m sure you’ll do great during those two days that your parents are gone! 🙂

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  1. By now Zofi must be back from camp.

    My turn:

    1. Blue cheese is all right in other things like salads and even on a cheese platter. I prefer harder and cheddarier cheeses as well as soft round cheese. It’s probably on the edge of my sophistication.

    2. Coke! Especially the vanilla and orange varieties though a good 2-litre of the traditional version is a treat. I have drunk Pepsi and other Schweppes drinks in the past. I thought I would like Pepsi a lot when I was younger – I came to Coke late in the whole “new Coke” controversy. At McDonalds again – a large Coke or a frozen Coke.

    3. No, I don’t own a gun. Or even a spear. The most dangerous thing in the house that could be a weapon would be darts which are constantly losing their fletches.

    4. I understood Kool-Aid to be a cordial that you had in a water cooler or even a variety of jelly. And of course the whole People’s Temple thing. Maybe lime or orange as this is what I tend to enjoy in cordials. Or even lemon lime and bitters.

    5. I do like hot dogs very much especially the German and Polish varieties and sausages that you get in a sizzle. #democracysausage … And, yes, chips are some of the best fast food out there, Mishmashia!

    6. TV shows I like include WorldWatch and Insight. I am looking forward to The Hunting which is to be released on the 1st of August. On Mondays I make a big TV ritual of current affairs and journalism.

    7. I believe in ghosts in storybooks and myths and some philosophies and religions [like Shinto handles the whole ghost thing well].

    8. Water is what I drink in the morning. For breakfast I drink a drink from the juicer which has coconut in it.

    9. I could when I was studying PE – always with a spotter. I’m afraid of breaking my wrists and my ankles and grazing my stomach.

    10. Necklaces that come from other cultures [Pasifika] or ones that I made myself between 1992 and 2006. Also my favourite jewellery would be my watch – this is about the fourth go of me wearing a watch – this one has lasted since 2007 and had a new battery in it early this year.

    11. I’m with you that language learning is a lifestyle. Favourite hobbies: exercising; comedy; swimming; canoeing; drawing.

    12. I do have a short attention and concentration span – though that may be more due to depression and hypervigilance – as well as a low tolerance for boredom. And I did climb the walls when I was younger.

    13. No glasses – though my eyes are rapidly losing diopters and I am due for another eye examination this year.

    14. Care Bears; Rainbow Brite and Murky Dismal; Wind in the Willows in their cartoon version. Also I liked Ginger Meggs and Footroot Flats and La Poche comics. And Asterix and Tintin do count.

    15. Did: went outside; read about Indigenous Community Volunteers; listened to lots of Mister Mister including Kyrie [“this road on which I must travel”] and their 1984-87 stuff. Will do: write about Boris Johnson; finish The Doctor and the Saint by Arundhati Roy; read more maps of south-west Asia especially the Baku Sea and Shernedov.

    16. Water.

    17. I worry about getting another cold and about various cousins and neighbours. Also congestion is a big worry and so is the Strait of H.

    18. I do believe in magic. Especially the magic you make yourself or someone close makes with you. It is a possibility of fear and trembling.

    19. “Wherever I am is my favourite place and I choose to enjoy it by being aware; grateful; positive and concentrating”. David Helfgott. Okay, I’ll be more serious. The university and travelling.

    20. Disorganisation and lack of planning. And second-guessing. Apart from that I don’t know if I have any bad bad habits – probably more like personality and/or character traits. I don’t know if I’m good at making habits – good or bad. And, um, changing the subject? And not checking for punctuation; spelling; grammar; facts. I have not got 17 fact checkers!

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    1. Thanks a lot for your answers, I loved reading them! 🙂 I really hope you will not get another cold, and congestion does suck a lot. Second-guessing is one of my habits too, haha. Yes, Zofijka is back from the camp, and, so far, nothing tragical has happened! 😛


      1. Emilia: that is a big relief.

        Was thinking about how your grandmother saw purgatory ghosts and was able to receive messages from them.

        Thank you for your wishes about my health and the empathy about second-guessing.

        “Nothing tragical” – how very Montgomery and specifically Anne.

        A blogging person called Villanelle is quite active with the spirits – was a medium and tarotist in the past. They seem to speak through numbers especially of the repeating variety.

        You and Babka might like to investigate that.

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    2. Well, I didn’t know my great grandma in person, so I only have second hand accounts of that from my Mum and grandma, but from what I understand and from what she wrote herself, she has visions of them as they looked like when they were on Earth, and they usually came to her at night, she wasn’t really like a medium, especially that mediumship/channeling isn’t really a Catholic thing. I don’t know how often she saw them, although it started happening when she was already quite old and in poor health, but she certainly had great dedication for helping purgatory suls through her entire life with prayer and offering up her daily struggles whatever they were.


      1. Thanks for the reminder about the disconnect about mediumship and Catholicism.

        I think Protestantism and Orthodoxy [Greek and Russian and some other national forms] would be more OK with it – or at least not actively squash it.

        Intercession is central to that faith.

        That makes sense that they would come “on Earth as in Heaven” – maybe a good sign? [There’s a Sister Janet song or rendition of THE LORDS PRAYER].

        Some grandmotherly figures in my life have had intense or lucid dreaming experiences.

        Dedication – ah, that I admire! Especially with daily struggles.

        And I imagine like many advice columnists she would get some bizarre ones coming up.

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    3. Yeah I guess protestantism is a bit more flexible with mediumship and such things, don’t know how about Orthodox church but I know that actually they don’t believe at all in anything like purgatory so their approach might be totally different. I also admire people who can be so very dedicated be it for purgatory souls or some other religious purpose, and offering up everything that they can in their lives. My Mum taught me about this so I’m trying to do the same. That makes any sort of suffering feel not quite as pointless and like, even if you can’t improve your own current situation, there is a purpose to it and there is hope that at least you’re helping someone a little bit.


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