10 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. My kid told me to spoil myself and replace my TV with the failing screen (no repair possible) so I got a used one. It has nothing but a power button and was used so no remote, it’s basically a paperweight. I am hoping my nemesis of TV repair can hook me up for a price since his shop has oodles of abandoned remotes. If I am lucky, it will cost me nothing more than some beer 😉

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    1. Yeeeah yay for Kindle, I just hope I can find a way to use it and read Kindle ebooks accessibly for me, and then I’ll be a real happy camper hahaha. So far I have to satisfy myself with Audible’s audiobooks, which are really good and addictive too.

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    1. I know they are in theory, or should be, though I suppose Kindle for PC doesn’t support it when you have special characters in the name of your user catalogue, as I do, so it won’t even install on my laptop. That’s what I heard is the reason for it not working anyway. I’m hopefully going to get a new computer soon, as my current one is 5-ish now and needs retirement, so I hope that on a new one Kindle will be indeed accessible for me.

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