If We Were Having Coffee… or whatever else you fancy. #WeekendCoffeeShare

#WeekendCoffeeShare at Eclectic Alli’s.

Welcome to another coffee share, quite an early one, especially as for me, but I haven’t been too regular with posting lately and I might not be for a few more days so I thought we’d have another coffee share as some longer, catch-up post.

I’ve had my green tea already in the morning as I woke up early and needed it badly so I’m now having sparkling water with lemon, and very yummy Polish biscuits called Delicje – they are round sponge biscuits covered in chocolate with a jelly filling, mine are with orange jelly and as much as I love Delicje, the orange-flavoured ones are the only ones I find acceptable, OK, raspberry ones are OK, but just OK. – Help yourselves! I’ve also made a cake earlier today – a sponge cake with jelly and raspberries – (wow I’m kinda monotematic today with sponge, fruit and jelly, perhaps someone has an idea why? :D). It’s my name day on Sunday, hence I made it. And Mum made yummilicious croquettes (I don’t even know if that’s exactly the same thing in English, but oh well) with rice and mushrooms. I love them, and so does Olek, so if you’d like to sample, you need to hurry as he’ll soon be back from work and there will be nothing left. 😀 And I guess that’s all really yummy food (in my opinion) we have today, and you can bring something you have to our coffee share to make it more diverse than just sponge with jelly. 😀 Get yourself a comfortable place to chill and let’s start our chat, shall we? 🙂

If we were having coffee, or not coffee, I’d ask you how things have been going for you and what has happened in your life this week…?

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’m feeling like rubbish today. Not the most optimistic note to start a coffee share and a weekend in general but what can I do. I don’t even know why. I woke up feeling OK, like near the baseline, but things have started spiraling down since early afternoon. I can’t get to why that is really. I feel depressed, and even a bit anhedonic, which is not my usual definitely, even if I am badly depressed I can often still feel the pleasure from things I love to some degree but I just feel kind of apathetic and sort of disconnected and don’t care about things too much, I also feel lonely because I feel disconnected, and don’t know what’s going on with my brain. Not like it would change a lot if I knew, and like it matters to me at the moment very much, but it’s always nice to be able to have a clue at least about your brain. I’ve also been having extremely sad and emotional dreams for a couple days which I don’t get either. I mean, scary dreams – yes, – intense, in whatever way – definitely, – strange – all the time, – but I don’t normally have plain sad dreams in which I’d feel all emotional and vulnerable, and yesterday I actually woke up crying. Today I had a sad dream too but it wasn’t quite as unsettling and I mostly remember the emotions of it, not the plot, so I didn’t think much about it, but the phenomenon of such an abundance of sad dreams is interesting. I get emotional dreams like this sometimes around the periods of time that used to be difficult for me in the past but now it’s not the case. Sometimes I wish my brain could speak, or write, or something. I’m so used to bottling up stuff that now I often don’t understand what it’s trying to tell me, ’cause I suppose it must want something from me if there’s no straightforward explanation.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you we’ve had another hot week here, but thankfully today it’s very nicely fresh and chilly, apparently only for a while, Dad says we’ll have another hot day on Sunday. But it’s a relief for all the people I think that at least now it’s cooler.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that at the beginning of this week, my router died. I had to get a new one and installing it and configuring was quite a pain, and I had a whole long boring day and a half with no Internet and not much to do, but now things are back to normal.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that Misha has a new hiding place, and this time, it’s a really good one, ’cause we still can’t figure out where it is, after over a week. He just disappears every day for a good few hours and then suddenly comes back out of nowhere. It’s amazing how after 3 years of living here, he still hasn’t ran out of ideas! 😀

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I’m going to another meeting – like the one I went to earlier this month, in that sort of foundation or association that Zofijka’s friend’s mum works in – this time with a woman who used to live in Ireland, she’s Polish. That’s going to be very interesting for me for sure, since I love Ireland! I’m quite anxious again, even though I’ve already been there and it went well. It’s going to be on Monday.

If we were having coffee I’d also tell you that Zofijka’s friend’s mum was supposed to visit us yesterday, and then today, or on Sunday, but it seems like nothing will come out of it. While I’m happy for her to come over, I’m also secretly relieved that she won’t be coming today, as I’m definitely not in the mood for socialising whatsoever and wouldn’t be able to do it right the way I’m feeling now, just normal smalltalk feels so depressing and exhausting at the moment. As if I ever was good at smalltalk hahaha.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that we’re most likely going to the beach on Sunday, which I’m quite glad about, the sea usually makes me feel very good and I feel a strong connection with it, and I love being by the sea. We have our very special beach that is quite far away from us, it’s situated in a village in Słowiński National Park, and it’s really clean and tranquil there, there are few beaches that are that quiet and clean. And we had a plan of going there, but because it’s apparently going to be rather hot, and the ride is long there, and then you have to walk 2 km through a nature reserve back and forth it would be quite tiring and time consuming compared to how much time we’d actually spend on the beach, so we probably won’t be going there and somewhere much closer and filled with people. 😀 In any case, I hope it’ll be cool and I’ll feel less depressed by then. Also as I said it’s my name day on Sunday so that’s going to be a nice way of spending it I hope.

What would you tell me if we were having coffee? 🙂


4 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee… or whatever else you fancy. #WeekendCoffeeShare”

  1. Oh! Pass the Polish biscuits, and I’ll have some Sprite, please! Yummytastic!

    I can totally relate to your vivid and emotional dreams. I think they’re completely normal and a sign that you’re very creative and emotionally oriented. I really think you ought to be a writer!! 😮

    My sleeping schedule has gone to heck. I was up until 4:00 AM, and I slept until 4:00 PM. Perfect. [Groan.] I just need to get it back on track by shifting it back around three hours. I figured out what I’ve been doing wrong, though. Yesterday, I also overslept, and so I didn’t take my alertness aid to start the day, thinking it was too late in the day to bother. Therein lies the problem, because without my alertness aid, I sleep for 11-13 hours without being able to wake myself. With the alertness aid, I sleep 9-11 hours, which is doable. So I should’ve taken it yesterday, and I did take it today, albeit at 4:00 in the afternoon.

    You know what’s funnier than dreams that make you cry? Dreams that make you laugh and laugh and laugh! Those are the best ever. And miniseries dreams! Enjoy it, I say, because most people never experience that reality!

    Wow, happy early name day!! Hey, when’s my name day for Meg? Ooh, I looked it up. July 13th? How exciting!

    Well, now, Misha, where have you run off to, hmm…? Mystery kitty!!

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    1. Vivid dreams are very interesting and, even when they are scary or sad like recently I still wouldn’t exchange them for anything because then I couldn’t have all my positive and beautiful and overly creative vivid dreams either, although the amount of sad dreams suddenly is rather surprising for me. Haha well my Mum has been telling me that I should write stories/novels based on my dreams, and one of my friends told me once that my sleep paralysis adventures would be more interesting to read for people than Stephen King’s books so perhaps I have all those dreams for a reason.
      Oh wow! :O Yeah that’s an absolutely perfect sleep schedule indeed! I hope you can shift it back to normal easily. I generally find that oversleeping sends my sleep schedule out of the window very easily and it can be hard to get back on track for a while, but sometimes you just can’t not oversleep.
      Hahaha I guess I had such a dream only once, that I woke up from and couldn’t stop laughing, it was terrific, I guess I was laughing almost all the time for like 15 minutes, yeah I’d love more of such dreams, but still I get a lot of funny/grotesque dreams, just maybe not as much laughter inducing!
      Miniseries I do love too, poor people who have never experienced it, that’s why oversleeping is good sometimes, I only get miniseries when I oversleep and they are VEERy vivid and great, had my last one sometime last month.
      Thank you for the name day wishes. 🙂 Yeah, Meg doesn’t have a name day in Poland on its own, but you could celebrate with some other Margaret related name, my birth name was a form of Margaret and my name day used to be November 16th, could be also July 13th, January 12th/18th, February 22th, April 26th/29th, June 10th, October 17th and probably some more so you have plenty of options, ’cause in opposite to some other countries our name day calendars are very messy and it’s not very strict so one name can have multiple name days that you can choose from.
      Yeah well said, Misha’s a real mystery! 😀

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  2. I’ll have some of those biscuits, please! That sounds yummy. I brought some brownies that I made yesterday, would you like some? I don’t think I’ve visited your blog before, but I hope you will invite us over for coffee soon again. Enjoy the beach tomorrow!

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