Question of the day (19th June).

What is a book you’re currently reading?

My answer:

Some time ago, my Polish blind friend introduced me to British author called Cathy Glass, who is also a foster carer and writes foster care memoirs, and we both loved them. The problem was though that few of them were translated to Polish and even fewer we could find online so that we could read accessibly. My ENglish wasn’t quite good enough for reading a book in it. But, funnily enough and coincidentally, some years later I started to be more active in the English Internet, way more than in the Polish part of the Internet as it soon turned out, and I joined a mailing list for blind people with mental health problems, and a lot of people there like Cathy Glass too, and other similar authors, so I started to be interested in it again, and learnt that Cathy’s books are on Audible. So I could have a fun way of expanding my English via reading her books, although truth be told I’ve never had many problems with vocabulary whatsoever reading her books, they areeasy peasy, so maybe now is the time to move on to Shakespeare for me, or something equally sophisticated. πŸ˜€ And I’m still catching up on books by her that I haven’t read yet, and I’m doing this at the moment too, and just finishing a book by her called “A Baby’s Cry”, which I find very interesting and engrossing. The next book I’m going to read is also by her – “Saving Danny”, and then I’m going to change the direction for a while and will read a delicious Polish book that I’ve been looking forward to read for quite a while but just got hold of recently, which is about my favourite patron saint – st. Hyacinth, I got it from my Mum. – His actual name is Jacek, he’s my Dad’s patron saint, and mine too, even though I am not a Jacek, I’ve just always loved him and felt a connection and was interested in his life. I’ve even got an icon of him in my room.

How about your current read(s)?

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