Question of the day (7th June).

Have you ever known anyone who was a compulsive liar?

My answer:

Quite a few people, one I was very close to (Jacek from Helsinki), which was draining and often made me feel paranoid or unsafe but somehow we still managed to stay friends for all the time that we were given, it seemed like some very badly ingrained stuff for him, I felt like he had some insecurities around something or complexes that made him act like this. also when I was a kid I used to lie quite compulsively, which I suppose was a result of my overactive imagination and lack of other outlet for it at that time. 😀 I was quite remarkable at it but it was stressful because I had to remember all that I told people, so I got bored with it and at some point just realised there sometimes may be consequences and pretty bad ones. Also they say that things come back to you so I used to wonder whether my dealing with Jack wasn’t the result of my own compulsive lying and all the headaches and confusion that must have causes people. 😀

You? 🙂

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