Question of the day.

What have you been up to these days, besides work and/or school?

My answer:

Not much really. My Mum’s been on intermittent fast for about a month now, she wants it to be her lifestyle and just a part of her normal life now, and she wants to keep in shape with it. I thought I could do that too, and started on Monday, not because of any dieting or such and not with an intention of doing it like all the time, just kind of detoxicate a bit, maybe a week or two. And I wanted to do it for spiritual reasons as well, I find fasting very helpful for me in a religious way, your mind is clearer, but fasting like fasting, not eating anything for a day or even more, is challenging for me because I start feeling very weak easily and my blood pressure drops even more than normally so that doesn’t make a lot of sense to do that. If you don’t know what intermittent fast is, it’s basically like you set yourself a time period in which you can eat, and have a usually 16-hour break when you don’t eat anything, so for me it was like I finished all the eating at 6 PM and had my first meal at 10 AM. Might sound very difficult and horrible if you are used to eating a lot, or eating very frequently, but it’s easy to get used to it and in my opinion not a big deal. But I didn’t stick to IF for longer than until today morning. It’s steaming hot here, also since Monday, so in a way you eat less because you aren’t as hungry, but I found that if I’m not eating anything at all other than drinking water or teas for so long it gets draining together with the heat and I feel exhausted and really not well. Although maybe it’s just a coincidence. But I thought I’ll wait with it for some time that will be easier for me, if I’ll be still up to it then, it’s not something I have to do or feel like I need to, just out of curiosity mostly.

So as I said it’s very hot here, and I’m not liking it very much. Warm is fine but I hate the heat and am not getting along with it one bit, today I laid in bed with a migraine for most of the day, I still feel lucky it didn’t last longer. My room and Olek’s are particularly roasting hot but I don’t like the idea of moving somewhere else for the time of the heatwave, and living in the living room for example, where it is much calmer but also it’s an open space and everyone walks in and out so I’d go mad. 😀 So we have to share a fan with Olek and I’m seriously considering getting myself an AC and regretting that I didn’t do that in winter when they are not quite as pricey, even though I thought about that last year. 😀 Yeah that’s a dilemma. 😀 I probably will have to if it keeps like this. I hate that I don’t have the energy for doing much at all these days but that’s probably also due to the heat, so I’m really not up to much.

I also feel pretty low and just out of tune overall recently and have a lot of anxiety and ruminate just about anything for ages and can’t stop it which is exhausting. Don’t know why that is, I mean generally if there was such a profession as ruminator I would be a billionaire by now but that thing now is far worse than I am normally and is really stressing me out, I can literally zone out and just think about the worst, gloomiest or scariest things, and I just feel very easily overwhelmed and unsettled and kinda like I’m overreacting emotionally to everything. I’m currently on my period which is certainly not helping things but it’s finishing so I don’t think it’s just that. The positive thing is that my sleep cycle is surprisingly good these days, it’s not normal for me when I’m feeling low and anxious like that. I mean it can take me quite a while to settle for sleep and get out of Ruminland at night but when I do, I sleep without waking and it’s restful sleep. We’ll see what it’ll be like today though, because I slept a lot during the day with the migraine, and mentally didn’t feel like there could be anything better than sleep that I’d feel more up to, but I still feel pretty tired so hope it’ll make me sleep at night.

So, how about you? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I have applied for over 40 jobs, and taken my kid to every doctor appointment a well kid check up requires as well as a counselor. A year ago, I was in such a state I simply couldn’t fight the inertia to get this stuff done.
    While I’ve gotten 40 rejections so far, I’m trying to take it all in stride since battling 66 others for one position isn’t exacly in my control. I can’t make anyone hire me, though the people around me seem to think otherwise.
    I feel like I’ve improved a little and accomplished a lot so I will take that win. 🙂

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  2. Sorry you’re under the weather! Yikes, no air conditioning? Oh my. My dad bought me one last year, and I haven’t gotten around to setting it up yet for this year. The heat hasn’t bothered me yet, so I’m guessing it must be hotter in Poland than it is here! But we also have central air, which I know a lot of Europeans don’t have. I sure wish you had an AC!

    Oh, I can completely relate to your period issues! I always get pensive during the end of my period too, for some weird reason.

    Intermittent fasting sounds scary!! 😮

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    1. Yeah it sucks without an AC, but actually it’s not a thing in Poland either, not in private houses that is, so if I’m thinking of it seriously I must desperately need it haha. I guess it could be hotter here, from what I know many countries don’t have a lot of heat at all yet. Wow maybe there is something with this end of a period thing, I never noticed it before but will have to keep an eye on it if it’s a norm for me to get that pensive at the end of it. No, intermittent fasting isn’t scary, you just have to get used to it and stay away from food at your fasting hours just not to torture yourself too much. But for the time being it’s not for me.

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