Question of the day.

Hi guys. 🙂

Today, my question for you is:

What is a genre you’re surprised that you like?

My answer:

As for music genre, I have to say folk. It might sound strange to those of you who know that I love folklore, and minority languages, and everything Celtic and Nordic, and music in languages that aren’t frequently heard, and just love folk, but I used to dislike folk some years ago, when I was a kid, maybe a preteen or something. I remember that I thought that it is granny music, or something like that, I called it this way, thought it was cringey, I had to do mostly with Polish folk back then. There was a radiostation I loved, well still love it even though it doesn’t exist, and I can’t get over it after all the years since it has transformed into another radiostation, it was called Polish Radio BIS (BIS stands for Very DIfferent Station – Bardzo Inna Stacja –
). They had all sorts of alternative/weird music, almost everything you could think of that wasn’t your average pop or that just wasn’t known, and a lot of good programmes from which you could learn lots of interesting things, they even had language learning programmes. So one of their music programmes was wholely dedicated to folk, and I never liked it, it sounded just boring and as I said felt kind of granny-like or cringey to me. It was folk from all cultures, but especially Polish/Slavic. Now I regret that I hadn’t paid much attention to those programmes, I was more into reggae and alternative rock music back then. Also, there is another radiostation, that my Mum likes, and that I now like to listen to as well sometimes, Polish Radio Programme 2, it is very similar to the British BBC Radio 3, with a lot of classical music, but also lots of good literature, stuff about art, kinda very sophisticated and calm station with high aspirations, and they also have some time for folk in their schedule. So back then when I was a kid, my Mum would listen to those classical music programmes, just because you know it makes a nice atmosphere sometimes, not because she’s such a fan, but both of us disliked the folk stuff there. Especially that it was even more “granny-like”, with very traditional Polish music, often literally sang by elderly ladies and having just a very specific climate that not everyone has to like definitely. It was only when I discovered Enya, thanks to my friend, and when Enya has become my first music crush, that I started to take a gradually deeper interest in first just Celtic music, and then folk and folklore in general. I still can’t say that I like all kinds of folk, and folk from all cultures or all subtypes of folk, I still think that some folk can be a bit cringey, but my love for folklore, especially Celtic and Nordic as I said has grown so much that now folk is one of my most favourite, if not my very favourite music genre in general. Also I’ve opened myself for some Polish folk, and so has my Mum, although my Mum likes different things in Polish folk than I do, in Polish folk I definitely prefer when it’s a combination of old and new, or neofolk, folktronica or such things. But it really depends.. So yeah, given my history with folk, I think it is quite surprising that now I like it.

And then there is jazz, which I generally don’t like, but my previous music crush – Cornelis Vreeswijk – used to incorporate some jazz into his songs, and somehow through him jazz became a bit more tolerable for me and I realised that sometimes it can be quite good. But it’s not like me that I would just consciously and purposefully choose that I want to listen to jazz, I don’t like it that much.

I think my music crushes do a great job of convincing me to new aspects of music, introducing new genres to me and making me see them from different sides. But then I also think that I am myself quite an eclectic person musically, but at the same time I am quite picky and won’t listen just to anything, just because. Not normally anyway.

So, what’s that genre for you? Music, literature, film or whatever? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Hmm…. oh, I know one! Considering how easily scared I am by slasher movies, it’s interesting that I actually love disaster movies. I can’t handle the slasher stuff, but I love: The Poseidon Adventure (or its remake Poseidon), The Towering Inferno, Titanic, Dante’s Peak, et al. It’s just the right amount of scary to terrify me (and then some). But if you cross into, say, Jurassic Park territory, then I’m too scared again and can’t watch it! 😀

    It’s also kind of weird that I like the TV show 48 Hours Mystery, considering it’s a news show and I flat-out refuse to watch the news. Go figure!

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