Answering Carol Anne’s question.

Today, on her blog, Carol Anne of

Therapy Bits

asked the following question: “If you could pick one characteristic to change about yourself, what would it be?”.

Well, since I have AVPD my Monkey Maggie the Inner Critic is very active most of the time, coming up with lots of things about myself that I should change, so for her it definitely feels like almost everything, I can hear her snorting and saying that. 😀 So it seems like the best change for me would be to get rid of her. But that’s probably not possible by now, although I’m trying to control her, with varying results, and I guess it actually is necessary to have an inner critic, just maybe not so overactive.

But, more realistically, one thing I can think of immediately is to be less anxious, or not as easily, or not about so many things. ‘Cause being constantly anxious to some degree can be pretty exhausting obviously. And somehow limitating at times too.

So, that’s my answer, and one thing I can come up with.

What would you change in yourself. Let me, or Carol Anne, know. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Answering Carol Anne’s question.”

  1. Monkey Maggie needs to eat some nice bananas and climb a tree! 😀

    I’d love to lose sixty pounds!! I say this having just now eaten a sundae. AARGH! There’s no hope!!

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    1. First she has to move out of my brain, because I hate bananas, and have never dared climbing a tree with my balance, so I wouldn’t let her do that. 😀 Oh, I’m sure there must be some hope, you just need to find a way of doing it that would suit you and your body. I can imagine it’s not easy at all though and requires a lot of trials and errors and frustrations. Wish it wasn’t like this.

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      1. Thank you!! That is so encouraging!! I’m going to try to get organized and make another valid attempt soon! I’ve been listing all the healthy meals I like. Upside: I love them. Downside: I have to cook them. Other downside: I have to buy produce, and if I wind up not eating it all, I feel guilty; so I have to be committed to cooking it. I appreciate your support!! HA HA! I too hate bananas. I like banana flavor, though. My issue with bananas is their texture! Too mushy! What do you dislike about them?

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    2. Ohh it sucks it has to have so many downsides! Hahaha, I also hate bananas because they are too mushy, I hate everything mushy. But I guess I have to have some problem with the taste as well because I don’t like anything at all that is banana-flavoured.

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