Question of the day.

Do you have any normal hobby that’s still a little embarrassing for you to tell everyone?

My answer:

I guess I don’t have anything like that, or even if I do, I can’t think of it now so very unlikely. I might have very geeky interests, geeky as in intense and unusual of course, not techy/science related as some people interpret this word, and I often am very laconic about my interests talking to someone in person because it would just take up so much time if I was to go in depth and even just list all of them, and I honestly don’t think random people really care about that even if they ask, or they often wouldn’t understand anyway, but that I don’t always go in depth about them definitely doesn’t mean I’m ashamed or something. I’d say quite the opposite, I just don’t let random people in because they – the hobbies/interests, and my inner world in general – are too important to me to let just anyone in.

How about you? ๐Ÿ™‚

8 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Hmm…. I’m trying to think of something… probably not these days, but when I was younger, I was really interested in trying to learn astral projection. People thought that was weird! ๐Ÿ˜€

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      1. We’ve got to compare notes on that sometime! I find it fascinating. I’ve given up on achieving it because I cannot physically relax (or mentally relax, for that matter). I’d love to hear your stories!

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    1. I have the problem with relaxing too, so all sorts of meditation or such are very tricky, as my friend used to say, my brain goes 100 km/min but somehow I managed to do astral projections after a lot of trouble. I was determined though as at some point it was one of my key coping strategies, and I really needed some sort of an escape. I don’t do it anymore at all since a few years, but when I did, I did it pretty regularly, even though it was always a creepy experience at the beginning because I’ve had sleep paralysis since always and when I was going into the astral world I would always get a very bad sleep paralysis episode usually with no way out other than just wait through. Still, if I got through the sleep paralysis in one piece, things were great afterwards. I would float away from my surroundings and project my family and crushes and imaginary people and everything, learnt to play Celtic harp. I could also see there, but (I guess) it was rather different from the way people see normally. I think my perception of colours was quite different, and I could see stuff in the astral world as well as shapes and shadows that I couldn’t identify. I used to think that that had to be some sort of an illusion, but turns out that when blind people have near-death experience they can also see, so maybe it’s something of a similar nature.

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