Question of the day.

What is some food you recently fell in love with?

My answer:

Hmmm… I guess no very striking discoveries lately. Well I told you about that mustard the other day but I wouldn’t call that falling in love. One could say I’ve fallen in love with KFC hot wings, fries and chocolate shake, as that was what I had yesterday for lunch, and today Dad ordered Zofijka twice as big meal as mine yesterday consisting of the same, because it’s her name day today, and a shake for me too, and it was quite a spontaneous thing, we were both really surprised, positively, because, well, that’s a nice surprise, and because it’s not much like him, but also because neither of us was really hungry so we weren’t prepared. So when we ate all we could eat of that huge meal we were stuffed, and although it was like 2 hours ago maybe I still feel full. It’s not like me, normally, to have KFC this often. ANd I guess I’ll be fed up with it for a while. 😀 Or maybe it just feels so now. 😀 But seriously, no, I don’t think there were any recent food romances for me, can’t recall anything.

How about you? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I’m glad you had such fun with your family on your sister’s name day!! YAY!!

    You want to hear something funny? Since I live in Kentucky, the whole time I was growing up, I thought KFC was a local restaurant. I had no idea it was located all around the world! 😀

    Hmm… food I’ve fallen for lately? I’ve discovered I can make chinese fried rice, like restaurant style, by microwaving some brown rice cups and adding some orange sauce from the ethnic aisle of the grocery store. Then I also add Goldfish crackers for crunch. The only issue is that it’s not filling! I need to get some protein in it for it to be more filling! But it tastes really yummerz!

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    1. LOL about the KFC thing. 😀 Mmmm Chinese fried rice. 😋 But I can see it can’t be very filling. How about adding some legumes into it? Lentils maybe? Or mung beans or something? That could give you some proteins and lentils are yummy. Oh but you said you don’t like most veggies. Well so that might not work. Dieting sucks. 😀

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      1. HA HA HA! Dieting sure does suck! 😀 Oh, I had an idea that I forgot about, and you just now reminded me! What if I were to add some Laura’s Lean ground round? It’s low-fat hamburger beef that tastes great despite the low-fat! Oh, I’m glad we had this talk!!

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