Grace Petrie – “Iago”.

This is a relatively new artist for me, she is a folk vocalist, and she seems to write very interesting lyrics, often about politics or social stuff that – I think – aren’t too easy to write about in songs. Grace Petrie is from Leicester, and she is also an avid Shakespeare fan, and this song has been inspired by Shakespeare’s play “Othello”, more exactly the main antagonist Iago, the one who was supposed to be Othello’s best friend and manipulated him. The Iago in Grace Petrie’s song is more like a metaphor, it’s about insecurities that people struggle with in their love life, and Iago is a personification of those insecurities, so it’s like each of us has our own Iago who’s telling us bullshit. I really like this Shakespeare inspired metaphor! And the song is fabulous!

2 thoughts on “Grace Petrie – “Iago”.”

  1. From one Shakespeare fan to another:

    “The only one left alive” is so poignant.

    It makes people feel sympathetic for Iago.

    And I have recently been discussing on the Ten Terrains site about Game of Thrones and alignments and terrains.

    So many wonderful connections with Grace Petrie.

    And I like your interpretation about insecurities-as-Iago-like-figures.

    So her whole album is QUEER AS FOLK?

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    1. Yes, and I think the whole song is very poignant! And that was what I felt listening to this song at some point, I was feeling for Iago despite I had never looked at him this way before. Yes, the album is called “Queer As Folk”, and I really like this title haha.


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