Question of the day.

Do you shave your body hair? Do you ever wax?

My answer:

I don’t at all. I was never encouraged by my Mum to shave, as she has bad experiences with it herself, plus if I’d do that myself that would be quite difficult. When my Mum was a teen, she was at some sort of a camp or something, and her roommate saw her legs and was like: “Oh God, you don’t shave yourself?!”. So, as a teen, my Mum didn’t want to stand out too much and she thought maybe it’s something shameful that she doesn’t do that, and she started to shave. But once she started to shave, she couldn’t stop, because she thought that if she did, her hair would grow even quicker and longer than before she started doing it and her hair is dark so no fun. And after some time it somehow happened that she got folicules inflammation or however it’s called, something like that, that was difficult to get rid off. So at some point when I was a teen and started to notice that some of the girls at my boarding school started shaving, I was asking Mum whether I should do that too or what. And as I said, Mum discouraged me from that, saying that it’s definitely not necessary, if I want, I can, but don’t have to, especially that because I’m blind and not particularly dexterous and well coordinated as you know, that certainly wouldn’t be easy for me to master and could be quite risky. Besides, I seem to have gotten lucky genes after my grandad, who has little to no hair on his arms on legs, I do have some body hair, but only a little bit and I guess they’re not too dark really. When I got a bit older, I was more concerned about my pubic hair, so eventually my Mum did try to teach me how to shave them, but it didn’t really work out as I wasn’t able to do it on my own, and wouldn’t feel OK asking someone of the staff at school to help me out. And when some time after that my Mum realised that I was self harming with those razors she got scared and didn’t let me use them anymore anyway. And actually I no longer feel like shaving even my pubic hair at all, I’m OK with them, and so far I don’t have a sexual life and don’t plan in the nearest future so I don’t have to take anyone else’s opinion into consideration. ๐Ÿ˜€ Now Zofijka, who is developing much faster than I did, is having the same dilemma, to shave or not to shave, but she seems to be much more concerned about that, even despite Mum’s discouragement. ๐Ÿ˜€ And I’ve never actually tried waxing. I guess I don’t care about the hair thing at all nowadays.

Do you? What do you do with it? ๐Ÿ™‚

8 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I got hell for letting my daughter start shaving her legs when she turned 9 last year but as we are a dark haired testosterone laden breed, she was already being teased. I believe the kids said something about Sasqatch so I taught her to do her legs. It made her feel more mature and less self conscious, so there was no harm done except maybe to some nosey people’s own issues on the matter.
    I keep all of my body hair shaved, and I do mean all, simply because I sweat a lot and it feels cleaner and more comfortable. I don’t even consider it as appearance related, it just feels…cleaner to me.
    My German grandma didn’t shave and she’d wear sleeveless dresses and be cooking and Chewbacca would be poking out from under her arms and she also didn’t believe in deodorant or perfume, so maybe this early example of not ‘being hygenic’ distorted my views.

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    1. Oh, 9 years, that’s early indeed, but good that your daughter has you and that you taught her about it so early so she doesn’t have to worry. Eww that sounds really a bit filthy, about your grandmother! Indeed, it’s better to be extra clean and put some effort in that, than to not care about hygiene so completely.


  2. I always shave my armpits year-round, every time I’m in the shower. My legs, I quit worrying about during winter months, but then I do shave them this time of year, and I’ve already started because the weather’s nice here and I like wearing shorts!

    Oh, good heavens, never wax!! YIKES!

    For facial hair, I use a personal hair trimmer. Here’s a link to one similar in design to the one I use:

    It eliminates facial peach fuzz and/or mustaches, and you can put it in your nostrils and eliminate nose hair. You can also use it between your eyebrows, as long as you’re careful not to take out an eyebrow! Facial hair used to be the bane of my existence before I discovered this type of product. I’d use hair-removal cream (the stuff hurts), sewing scissors in my nose, tweezers for my eyebrows… and now it’s all so easy-peasy!

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    1. I have some women in my family who I know have struggled with facial hair, so although I’ve never had to worry about that myself so far, I know it can be troublesome to get rid of it and that the process can be painful, so it’s good you’ve discovered that trimmer, it’s always better if you can make something easier and less complicated.

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