Question of the day.

Do you ever get your nails done?

My answer:

I like having my nails done. In contrast to most other beauty related procedures, I do like how nail polishing feels, there is something nice about it. I like darker and more muted colours for my nails as well as for almost everything actually). But what is the point of doing your nails if you’re a nail biter/picker?! Absolutely none! I might be good with it for one day, desperately trying not to bite or pick my nails, not knowing what to do with my hands and all the nervous energy, but trying desperately, but the next day I usually forget about it or can’t resist it when some bigger stressor occurs or when I’m bored or something and then my nails look even worse than they did before. I can be a real intense and erratic nail biter and nail and cuticle picker so my nails look better normal than with all the polish and stuff. Still, sometimes, once in a while, I do get my nails done. Just to have to clean out all the polish the next day because it looks ewwwww gross. πŸ˜€

You? πŸ™‚ Which colours do you like on your nails? πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I don’t chew my nails (although I sympathize), but I have a weird compulsion where I have to clip my nails when they grow out. When my nails are regular-length, I get terrified that I’m going to bend one back on something; and to counter that fear, I keep them trimmed short. I also get really bad hangnails that I wind up pulling out, and then I have to make a visit to the first-aid area in the bathroom.

    I’ve never had my nails done, but I like the concept! Rainbow would be pretty! Every time I’ve tried to apply nail polish, it goes all over the place. My manual dexterity is dreadful!

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    1. Rainbow-coloured nails sound like a nice idea, I know a person who likes to have them this way all the time. Well I know something about dreadful manual dexterity, ha, ha, ha but luckily I have my Mum who is manually dexterous and actually a beautician by profession so I can have the luxury of having my nails done once in a while, for a while.

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  2. I do my own, and I like sparkly pinks, browns, purples, and turquoise. In pastels mostly. Right now my nails have been weak and peeling, so they’re short. I’m trying to take better care.

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