13 thoughts on “Question of the day (18th April).”

  1. Misha Collins as Castiel on Supernatural is as yummy as Toffeefay candies and I would happily be able to sleep after a little of both. 😉

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    1. Misha Collins is pretty cool, I do like him too even though overall I’m very ignorant about films and actors. 🙂 But it’s not after him that I called my cat Misha. 😀 You should come over to me I have loads of Toffifee after Easter, yummy.

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      1. We had a kitten named Castiel after Misha Collins but he passed. I take my TV characters very seriously, same as my music. Right now we have Slipknot, Mudvayne, Deadpool, Axl, Godsmack, Hex, Vex, Tabbytha, Zazu, Megadeth, Zombie…If there is a cat within a mile radius who comes through our yard, I name it. Misha might be a good one for one of the new babies…He he.
        Since we live in the armpit of rural hades, we only get access to the large boxes of Toffifay around November til Christmas. Gas stations stopped carrying even the 4 packs. And don’t get me started on how I have to order Mikado candy from the UK cos this cess pool area doesn’t carry it or even a similar product.
        I don’t eat a lot of candy but the little I enjoy-I have a hard time getting here. ( Not amused.

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    2. Oh wow what cool, bold and creative cat names, very interesting, I love it when people are original in naming their pets. But Misha is the best name for a cat in the world in my opinion haha so I highly recommend it if you like it, and Misha Collins is a great namesake. Stinks that you can’t get Toffifee too often where you live, I think from all the sweets (those that I’ve eaten at least) Toffifee are ones of the very best. But I guess that’s often the case with very good sweets, that sometimes it can be really tricky to get hold of them just anywhere.


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