Question of the day.

What are your favourite qualities about your friends?

My answer:

Many of my online friends have different qualities that I admire or greatly appreciate, and that’s what makes them my friends. Some are always very supportive and genuine and are great listeners, which I think we all appreciate in people and especially in friends, and which are actually very rare qualities in people I believe. Many of my friends are very intelligent people, often very talented in some area or just very analytical, which often helps me to see things in a different light, or that those things have more sides than I thought, be it something very trivial or some mysteries of the world, like God’s gender or cats’ IQ, even though I also consider myself a fairly analytically thinking person, two or more brains are always more than one which means more ideas, theories, and more dilemmas and stuff to figure out. Some are very creative and imaginative which I always admire in people. Some always succeed to lift me up or make me laugh and often have a very good sense of humour or are just more optimistic than me hahaha. With most of my friends I have some common interests which is also a quality I really like about them, that we just like similar things and can enjoy them together. Some are of immense help for me, well, at this point all my online friends are, because chatting with them improves my linguistic skills (can you believe that I don’t have any people at the moment with whom I would write in Polish? I’m not perfectly happy about it, recently my mind goes crazy because of that, ’cause if I talk to someone in Polish in real life I literally forget how to say it in Polish, I’m afraid what it will be like in the future hahahahaha. But I’m sure I’ll find some with time, or if not, that’s not a problem either, I’m just happy that I have lots of people to develop my English with, and Swedish too!). And most of them are more or less quirky which I always like about people, I like myown quirkiness, not all aspects of it but definitely most, and I love to see that I’m not the only one quirky being out there. 😀 Yeah, in recent months Ive been really lucky with gaining lots of new, online friends and just meeting lots of interesting new people online. And usually there’s one than more thing I really like about them.

How about you and your friends? 🙂

7 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. YAY for friends!! This is a beautiful essay about good friends!!

    I like friends who accept that I’m weird. Friendship (for me) never works out with people who are image-conscious, like, “Oh, I have to appear normal and cool.” I have nothing against such people, but they always wind up having something against me. So I LOVE people who are cool being weird, or whatever.

    I like loyalty in friends, support, exchanging funny stories, being caring, and stability. I too am blessed with many good internet friends!! YAY for internet friends!!

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    1. I totally agree with you, I hate pretending being normal, I actually don’t like being normal for the most part, and I don’t feel OK when someone is trying to do that and appear cool and normal for all means just for the sake of it. I mean I know that for some it’s a coping skill or something, but I just usually don’t really get along with such people, and it makes me feel like perhaps I should try and be normal too, so I guess it’s uncomfortable for both sides. Internet friends are the best, because you are not limited to one small area where you’re supposed to make friends with people, or pretend that you’re friends with them just because you work/live in the same place, so for me Internet friendships are much more genuine.

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      1. I agree!! The internet is a modern-day miracle for finding friends!! And not just because it doesn’t limit the scope to people who live nearby, but because it adds a level of comfort. Since I’m paranoid, I never make eye-contact with my neighbors. They might be nice, friendly people for all I know! God bless the internet!!

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