Question of the day.

How do you sleep? Side, stomach, or back?

My answer:

I’m normally used to sleep on my left side, like it’s a sort of default sleep position for me, and once I read an article saying that sleeping on the left side is good for your brain, that in some way it can help you get rid of the toxins…? something like that, so thanks to this you can help your cognitive functions. While I couldn’t really gather how those two things could be connected, and found it quite funny, of course as a big brain freak I was happy, first to know that, and second, that I already do that so won’t have to learn to sleep in a different position. πŸ˜€ Even if I didn’t treat it fully seriously, I can do a lot to keep my brain fit so why not. However, recently, like in the last two years or so my sleep paralysis has gotten a bit worse, or at least much more frequent and way more creepy anyway, so although it’s always been a downright scary experience for me and affecting me sometimes for days on end, I normally didn’t care much about it, and for a long time I didn’t even know what it is, when it has worsened and I got sick of it I started to look into it for ways to alleviate it somehow. And among other things I read that the likelihood of sleep paralysis, as well as other of those lucid dream experiences is increased for everyone when you sleep on your back, it’s most likely then, and the second position in which you’re most likely to get sleep paralysis is to sleep on your left side, and it looked like sleeping on the right side is the safest in terms of this. I really didn’t think that for me there was any strong connection between the position in which I sleep and sleep paralysis – quite the opposite, if I ever had to lie in bed during the day for any reason and was afraid of falling into sleep paralysis, I would lie on my back because then I felt like I was less likely to fall asleep. – I can’t fall asleep on my back usually, unless I’m really exhausted or really close to sleep paralysis anyway, I think it’s not the most comfortable position and I admire my Dad who had to go through a heart surgery a couple years ago, and was in very long recovery during which he wasn’t allowed to sleep in any other position than on the back, which wasn’t how he usually slept. I actually wondered how he can do that and sleep well, or if, maybe I should say. Anyway, he’s gotten used to it so much that he sleeps this way all the time now. But even though I never associated my sleep paralysis with sleeping in any particular position, sleeping on the back always felt sort of unsafe to me for some reason. and in my sleep paralysis dreams I often think that I’m lying on my back which makes it easier for my sleep friends to deal with me and makes me feel everything more intensely. But after some observation I realised that, OK, maybe for me it’s not like I have sleep paralysis in one position and don’t have in the other, but if I do happen to fall into sleep paralysis while lying on my back, it’s way more creepy and intense than when I’m lying on my right side. Same about the left and the right side, although the difference is not as strong. Sometimes when I would fall asleep feeling that I have it almost guaranteed that this time I’ll have sleep paralysis, I managed to avoid it because I slept on the right side. So I still do have it, and as regularly as before, sometimes I do have very creepy stuff, but overall it’s less intense. I usually like to sleep curled up with my legs bent, I have lots of pillows in my bed for different purposes hahaha, and I sleep on two of them, usually with my one hand under one of them, and if Misha’s with me we hold each other’s hands and paws until we both fall asleep and this way we sleep the best. I don’t know how people can fall asleep on their stomach either, it feels very uncomfortable to me for a longer time, but my brother sleeps in this position most often and likes it and he says he has very cool dreams when he sleeps this way, so maybe I should try. πŸ˜€ Not that I suffer from lack of nice dreams, I tend to usually have very vivid dreams, no matter whether nice or not, so when they are nice, they are twice as nice because I can remember lots of details. But it would always be cool to have more of them.

What is your favourite position to sleep in? πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I have to sleep on my back, but not flat. I use lots of pillows to make it where I’m almost sitting up. That’s because I have really bad vertigo if I’m on either side. I’ve slept this way for many years, and it’s comfortable for me.
    So sweet that you and Misha hold hands/paws together. My Cricket starts out sleeping right on top of me…her purring helps me go to sleep. Later, she moves off to the side of the bed. πŸ™‚

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    1. I guess that in the end it’s just a matter of getting used to, if you really have to sleep in some position. That’s so nice that Cricket sleeps with you too. πŸ™‚ Although my Misha doesn’t like to purr too loudly, when he does purr, I think it’s one of the most soothing sounds. He sometimes also does a similar thing, lies with me in my bed under the duvet for some time, and then goes to his own bed which stands on my bed so we can still be in touch if we want.

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