Question of the day (25th March).

If you could disinvent one thing, what would it be?

My answer:

School. I’d disinvent it, and then invent it again so that it would have a completely different structure and would stop being brainwashing, as well as, among other things, it would also be optional for parents to send their children to school, home/flexi schooling would be highly encouraged, school would be more of an alternative for those children whose parents can’t or really don’t want to homeschool them, or to gain some additional skills that parents can teach their children but would like them to know, like some stuff that is of a special interest for the child or that they would like to base their career on in future. Schools would also be more of a place where the children could meet and play so that people wouldn’t complain that they don’t grow up together with their peers, and parents would be taught there on how to homeschool their children and just learn about parenting. But in fact I’d rather have someone else do that than do it myself, I don’t fancy dealing with this rotten system. 😀

How about you? 🙂

9 thoughts on “Question of the day (25th March).”

    1. Yes I realise it certainly wouldn’t be a good idea for everyone, so it would be chosen individually for everyone what setting and way of learning would be the best for them. That’s another thing, everything would become highly individualised.

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  1. I agree. I definitely think the entire educational structure would benefit from being reimagined! Your description of it sounds heavenly!! I’m also a huge fan of homeschooling. I think it just makes life easier in a lot of ways, and I’d seriously consider it if I had kids.


    1. Being homeschooled was one of my biggest dreams when I was a kid, I’d love it to be more popular and I’m sure there are more children nowadays who think just like I did. But it also needs real courage to homeschool your children I think, so I don’t blame those parents who feel not able to do it.


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