Question of the day (23rd March).

Hey people! 🙂

Oh God that was such a weird week for me really. Don’t know if I’ll be writing anything about it, it’s very complicated and I’m terribly ambivalent about the whole thing, but if I will, not now I guess, need to think about it. The definitely positive thing is that I got to finally finish my Welsh course for good, and now I’m doing very advanced stuff, or so it feels for me, my brain is all steaming and burning.

So let’s get to our overdue questions of the day.

Are you named after anyone? If you had to choose, who would you be named after in your family?

My answer:

My original (birth) name was after my Mum’s friend, and my aunt –
Mum’s sister, they both had the same name – though if you know me a bit better you know that I changed it, and my middle name Anna is after my Mum, and I’m very happy about it, although that wasn’t very creative because in our area most people have their middles after their parents first names, Zofijka’s middle name is also Anna, I’m curious what would they come up with otherwise. I certainly wouldn’t like Anna to be my first name, it’s so typical and universal and although it’s absolutely beautiful, I just wouldn’t like to be one of millions of ANnas in the world, plus I think that the sort of default nickname in Poland – ANia –
takes away lots of charm from very elegant and sophisticated sounding Anna and makes it shallow, I definitely wouldn’t like to be an Ania, and being an Anna in Poland I would inevitably be called Ania by almost everyone pretty much automatically. If my first name was Anna, I would like to be called just that, Anna, but that would be quite unusual here, where people like to nickname most names, especially if I was a kid, I doubt anyone would call me by my full name. 😀 But I’m digressing horribly hahaha. So yeah, I’m named after my Mum, and I’m OK with it. But if I had to choose another person from my family to be named after, I would go with my grandma – Helena. – I just love this name, and I’d like to be named after her. And I could keep my middle name happily. I could be also Anna Helena, but, as I said, as long as they’d call me Anna, or maybe even (a bit fancifully) with my both names, that would be cool, albeit a little snobbish I guess to always go by Anna Helena. 😀 Not quite normal here.

OK, so how about you? 🙂


8 thoughts on “Question of the day (23rd March).”

  1. No, I didn’t know you changed your name!! 😮 Same here!! Wow!! And I too have a common middle name in these parts: Elizabeth. You know, I like Elizabeth, and I like Anna. What a nice thought! It’s as if a person’s middle name is a nice gift. 🙂 Feel free to tell us all about your tumultuous week!! 🙂

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    1. Oh you didn’t know that?! I was pretty sure I mentioned that to you too, but I’ve talked about it to a lot people in recent months hahaha so maybe I got confused and my brain is burning too much. 😀 Need to limit my Welsh perhaps. Elizabeth is great, I love it, though it seems to be an extremely common middle name! I think I will write something about my week, I just need to think it through.

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  2. My middle name, Leia, was my great grandmother’s name. It’s my mom’s middle name as well. My great grandmother died before I was born, but it sounds like she was quite the feisty lady, which I think is pretty cool.

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      1. True! It sounds both very princessy and sci-fi-like to me too, I don’t think it’s just the association with the princess Leia from Starwars making it feel this way to me, the more that I didn’t watch Starwars. 😀

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