Question of the day.

What are your feelings/thoughts on butterflies? Do you have a favourite type?

My answer:

Don’t have a favourite type, but I really like butterflies. Can’t exactly pinpoint why, because, well, if you’re blind, you wouldn’t think you can have much to do with butterflies, right? I had butterflies sitting on my hands a few times but you can’t really touch them so that you could get an idea of them as they are so fragile. But I like butterflies. I like the fragility of them, that they are so free and beautiful, and some of their names are cute and beautiful and evocative. Misha also loves butterflies, but his love is a little bit, hm, intricative and sadistic. I also really like the words for butterfly in different languages. I particularly adore the Welsh word pilipala, isn’t it soooo cute? And Swedish fjäril is very lyrical in my opinion. I also like Polish motyl, though in comparison with fjäril it sounds a little bland. Even French papillon is very nice, though I’m generally not big on French. But I absolutely hate English word butterfly. When I think of it, I see a big, fat, heavy fly, being trapped in a butter-dish, or some similarly aesthetic imagery. I just don’t know, whoever came up with this word had to lack imagination quite severely. 😀 But that’s all I can say about butterflies.

How about you? 🙂


10 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Your line about Misha’s sadistic love for butterflies made me laugh out loud. 😀

    Oh, I love butterflies!! They’re beautiful winged creatures. I agree the word “butterfly” is messed up somehow. I prefer the word “dragonfly,” which has connotations of a mythical beast flying around. I also like the word “caterpillar.”

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  2. I thought the “butter” in butterfly was connoting a light, delicate touch. Back when people didn’t spread their butter so thickly or keep it in containers.

    Two most evocative butterfly names for me – the Monarch and the Wanderer.

    And when they are all in a hothouse…

    Yes – Misha likes to pick butterflies apart and chase them?

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    1. That makes sense about the butter! Yes, Misha loves looking at butterflies and chasing them, and when he catches one he eats it in a way that I’m sure must be very painful for the poor butterfly, assuming it’s still conscious.


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