Question of the day.

Do your pets get along?

My answer:

Well as many of you who’ve been reading my blog for a while probably already figured out, Misha isn’t too easy to get along with and it’s not easy for him to get along with others. And those of you who’ve been around here last autumn are most probably familiar with our other Russian blue cat – Sasha’s – story, and how we failed at having another cat in our family. Now, apart from us humans, the only other company Misha has here are the fishes and he is happy with them and always very interested in watching them, so, yes, I can say he gets along with them. As for their relation to him, I guess you’d have to ask them, I’m not sure what they would say. 😀 And there’s Jocky outside too. They say that cats and dogs don’t get along, and I’m sure there are such cases, but from our experience and from we’ve heard from behaviourists, it would rather seem that a cat will get along better with a dog rather than with a fellow cat. It’s also true that Misha and Jocky see each other maybe once in a couple of days, nevertheless there’s no visible anxiety or lack of confidence on either side at all when they do meet. Misha is very interested in Jocky, you know, in a way that you would be interested in aliens, maybe not someone to hang out with for longer, but interesting to see, observe and make friends with. Jocky on the other hand really wants to play with Misha, but also seems to have some respect for him, which I find a bit amusing. They usually meet though only through the door so there’s no direct physical contact and no playing, they only played with each other once soon after Jocky’s come to us, and ran around the living room like crazy, seemed to have lots of fun, very different from what it was like with Sasha.

How about your pets? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Fun question!! When I first got Mr. Kitty, Echo was still alive. Echo was a gentle and loving soul who was afraid of Mr. Kitty–afraid it meant I didn’t love Echo anymore. So I held Echo in my arms and assured her I loved her. Echo was so loving. The only time she ever growled at me was when I was about to roll back in my desk chair. Mr. Kitty was sitting right behind the wheel of my chair–all one pound of him–with an innocent look on his face, and I’d been about to wheel in his direction. I showered Echo with praise for a job well done of alerting me!

    So then, after Echo died of old age and we got Sammy Samson, I was concerned. Sammy Samson and Mr. Kitty seemed near to killing each other. It scared me, so I kept Mr. Kitty in the basement until I could figure out what to do. But over time, it became clear that blessedly, they weren’t fighting to the death. Rather, they simply enjoy roughhousing together, which is great!!

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    1. Oh wow Echo sounds like such a sweet doggie! How great of her to warn you that MR. Kitty was there. When Sasha was with us it seemed to also be a great concern for Misha that we don’t love him anymore, and it was hard to convince him that we do and always will. I’m glad that Mr. Kitty and Sammy Samson get along together. Some people are also rough for each other, just for fun kind of, but in fact they often loove each other that’s for example the case with me and my sis, we always beat and bite each other and call each other names but we just like it more than hugging and showering each other with declarations of love haha.

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