Question of the day.

What do you think of clothes on pets?

My answer:

I guess I don’t have any very strong opinion on that. The only one pet that I’ve ever saw wearing clothes was a little dog, a York, he was my teacher’s dog. I never heard about what she did before and at the beginning I felt rather apprehensive to the idea, but in her situation it definitely makes sense and is helpful. She was blind and living on her own in a block of flats, so it would be hard for her to clean up after the dog or control when and where he’d do his business. So she bought pants and nappies for him and just whenever he pooed or peed she. changed him. Well as I said at first it was like a shock for me, like how you can do this for a dog, he must be very uncomfortable, it’s unnatural! And probably it is indeed, and when she stayed at our place for a few days we could see how much better and freer, lighter and cooler he felt without it on himself, as if he immediately got twice as much energy, but also I don’t think it’s a huge harm for him to wear it and, if there’s no other option, that’s really not a bad idea. Also, he looked really cute with those nappies. So, for someone, I have no problem with it, especially if it’s for a reason like that. But if I were to do such thing to my pet… I’m not sure. I certainly wouldn’t dress Misha in clothes, maybe it’s just my impression but looking at him I usually have a feeling that when we decorate him occasionally with something, like with some small ribbons for example, it seems to make him agitated and annoyed. I also really like Misha’s fur, and wouldn’t like it squeezed in between clothes so that I can’t touch it easily, without a good reason for it. If I really wanted to have my own dog, while living on my own, it’s very likely that I would do the same as that lady, simply because I’m blind too and certainly wouldn’t handle the poop otherwise, but then it’s highly unlikely that I would want a dog for myself, especially when living on my own, because I think cats are easier to care for and I just resonate with them a bit better.

What’s your view on this? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Yeah, I think it’s cute, but I’ve never done it! I’m not sure if you could dress a spaniel. It would be similar to trying to do dental work on an alligator. 😀

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