Question of the day.

Hi people. 🙂

Today, my question for you is:

Who was the most difficult pet you’ve ever had?

My answer:

Well, I feel tempted to say Misha again. How can one pet be both the best and most difficult? Seems like it’s possible. Well it’s not really that he’s difficult like challenging or very problematic, but he has a difficult personality, which can make him a bit demanding, and you need to know him well to know how to approach him, how to get along with him. Misha is complicated and not your most cuddly and loudly purring average cat. Yet I wouldn’t change him to any other.

The most difficult time that we’ve ever had with a pet was certainly with Sasha, but then again, it was mostly because of Misha and his needs, and that he couldn’t adapt to living with Sasha and they were stressing each other out. It’s not that I blame Misha for what happened, if it’s anyone’s fault what happened with Sasha it’s only ours, and that we didn’t consider Misha’s needs in the first place or didn’t try to predict his reaction but rather decided to act egoistically and on our whim. This was a very complex situation overall. Sasha himself was a very nice and cheerful kitten and way less complicated than Misha, but we made his start very difficult, and to all of us it was very difficult, sad and stressful. For those of you who don’t know, Sasha was a Russian blue kitten whom we got from the same breeder as Misha, but it failed because Misha simply wasn’t able to adapt to having a new cat in the house, because he was the only one for years and also because of his anxious nature. So we needed to find a new home for Sasha.

Other than that we had a dog two years ago, some time after we moved to our current house. We tried a few dogs but weren’t lucky with them, they were all kind of stupid, each in its own way and ran away after some time. But the most difficult one was called Bobby. Actually his original name was Jacky, which i loved, but my family wanted to change it, because Jacky is a fairly popular and mainstream dog name over here. So we called him Bobby. Bobby was very beautiful, but incredibly foolish, noisy and happy to jump on any chance to run away. He was really annoying.

And Masha, the dog whom I mentioned yesterday, whom we had when I was a kid, was also incredibly stupid.

But other than that, we were mostly lucky with pets.

How about you? 🙂

10 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I would definitely name my current puppy, Sammy Samson. He gets growly late at night, because tiredness (I think) makes him suddenly irrational. My dad will get mad when Sammy growls at him, and I’m always saying, “Don’t get mad at him. Just offer him a doggie treat.” (The offer of a doggie treat “resets” him into a good mood. And I can tell he’s irrational; it’s not a way to get treats from us.) Sammy Samson also has issues going to the vets, and he got kicked out of the groomers permanently due to bad behavior. (Yikes!) And he gets agitated whenever anyone comes over. He’s been a bit better lately, so maybe his Prozac has finally kicked in, and/or his problems are exacerbated by wintertime like mine are. We’ll hope for the best! He’s a very sweet puppy. 🙂

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