Question of the day.

What kind of shows do you like to watch?

My answer:

Well, like with films, I don’t watch a lot, I just don’t watch a lot of TV in general. But if I do, they’re often some documentaries about stuff that interests me, sometimes talk shows but they have to be really interesting, and sometimes talent shows though I used to much more in the past, now I just can’t really take them seriously and they often feel very cringey. I do sometimes listen to some music from people who have become famous or at least more widely known thanks to some talent show and yes there are some really fabulously talented people but the vast majority is oh so bland, and just the way all those talent shows work is somehow off-putting to me.

How about you? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I used to love watching one talent show called So You Think You Can Dance. But then the main judge, Nigel Lithgoe, became so cruel to the dancers. I had to quit watching because it was upsetting to me, despite the gorgeous dancing. Mean, mean judge. But these days I love watching reruns of the Golden Girls!!

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  2. I never watch anything on actual tv any more, but I’ll stream shows afterwards on the network’s website. I watch a couple of late night comedy shows, the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and the Daily Show with Trevor Noah. There are also a couple of Canadian investigative journalism shows that I like to watch.

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