Question of the day (15th February).

After a bit of unintended break I come to you with some questions regarding your favourite films, TV shows, books and music. Here we go with the first one:

What kind of films do you like to watch?

My answer:

Well as I am sure most of you who come here regularly already know, I don’t watch films or TV very often, only when something really really interests me or just to be with my family and not caring too much for what we’re watching. So, if something catches my attention, it’s usually because it’s in one of my favourite languages. It would be nice if the topic interested me at least a little bit too, but most often I’ll be quite satisfied just to hear one of my favourite languages – obviously not counting Polish and English since I have them pretty much all the time. I do like many British films though, and so does my Mum. And some Polish films with good humour, just anything that you can laugh at, but not because it’s so cringey. I am also able to watch a whole crime series even though my interest in the plot itself is little to none, just because the main character is called Misha. 😀 So that’d be it, I guess.

You? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Question of the day (15th February).”

  1. I hate watching movies! My mind won’t focus like it would when I was younger! I used to watch movies all the time! But if I had to watch one right now, I guess I’d take a romantic comedy!!

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    1. I can relate. Generally I don’t have problems with concentration or attention span as such or not a lot, but with things like films I often find it difficult. I think it could be partly because I am blind so obviously can’t follow everything as anyone else would unless it’s audiodescribed, but still lots of blind people do watch and enjoy movies even without audiodescription and it’s not a problem for them unless there isn’t much talking, and I can sometimes have trouble focusing even on films which are audiodescribed. I guess I just think about too many things at once, with books it’s not problematic, but maybe films need more dedication or something haha. And it’s just not entirely my thing I guess.

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      1. I think it’s the same with me–I’m just not into movies much anymore. My dad’s always saying our attention spans are dying due to shorter scenes in TV shows, and that sort of thing. He may be onto something, but I CAN focus when I’m writing, so I figure that’s the important thing, and that I just don’t care for movies much anymore!

        I’d never heard of audiodescription, but I’m glad it exists! On the opposite side, I’m always using the closed captions for TV shows! I’m glad to know they make something for blind people!! Sounds awesome!

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    2. Yes writing is so much more fun than movies, it would be much more sad if it stopped being fun for you. Audiodescription is mainly a thing in cinemas over here, or just made for some particular films, as it’s quite a bit of job to make it and make it well, or so I guess, but it’s definitely good that it exists, and in some other countries it’s much more usual and common as far as I know.

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