Question of the day.

What simple/common things fill you with joy?

My answer:

Lots of things, and to a varying degree, depending on what it is and also on my mood and how much filled with joy I actually can feel at a certain moment. First and foremost, Misha. Though… well it was probably thoughtless of me to call him a simple and common thing. He’s one of the most complex beings that I know and I’m sure there is no other like him, and above all he’s certainly not a thing. OK, so, once again. Music (even though the music I listen to can rarely be called common as it’s rarely popular but never mind), reading interesting books, yummy food, sometimes playing with Zofijka, being by the sea, feeling the ice, having a hot bubble bath as long as it’s once in a while, lots and lots of nice/soothing/interesting sounds and on top of it the sounds of my languages or doing something with them, although again, not many of them are common, or even simple, so sometimes if they don’t feel very simple it can be also a challenge, but then I do love a good language challenge too. And there are probably other things that I can’t think of now too.

How about you? 🙂

8 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. When Mr. Kitty snuggles up in my lap, or even when he hijacks my keyboard (really, Mr. Kitty…) and I tell him that’s not how a dignified kitty should behave. But before I reclaim my keyboard, I give his plump tummy a kiss!! 🙂

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    1. Hahaha, unfortunately dignified kitties usually care the least about how a dignified kitty should behave. 😀 Misha also used to hijack my keyboard regularly until I became very strict with him about that after he blocked it so that I didn’t even know how to get it working again. 😀 Now I only let him type with my supervision, or I do it on his behalf. 😀

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