Question of the day.

What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?

My answer:

The most beautiful? Hmmm… I’m sure I’ve been to many beautiful places, although it’s hard to recall them now. I consider Stockholm very beautiful, because I just love Sweden, even that little piece of Sweden I’ve been to. Also when I think of beautiful places I think about one of the beaches we’ve been to, it’s in one of national parks and it’s really beautiful there. The village is called Smołdzino, and it is a very small, poor village, but very clean and quiet, and the sea and the beach seems cleaner than anywhere else I’ve been to, even though it’s the same sea as anywhere else in Poland. It was a very nice place. I also consider my room a beautiful place simply because it’s a safe space for me. It’s a bit messy though so I guess I’m not objective. 😀

How about you? 🙂


12 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I’ve seen many breathtaking places in my life, but I think one that surprised me the most by its natural beauty is Møns klint. It is a cliff on a small Danish island, and I must say, though I had seen it on the internet before going, I never could have expected to be so blown away! Here’s a little video I found online;

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  2. Gotlandia, a szczególnie Fårö. Następnym razem kiedy będziesz odwiedzać Szwecję koniecznie zapisz na liście. Cicho, spokojnie, szum morza i jest po prostu przepięknie… Jedno z moich ulubionych miejsc na Ziemi. Oferuję też oprowadzanie w pakiecie. Polecam 🙂

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